School Administration

Program Director-Dr. Olivia Oxendine

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Master of School Administration

Program Description:

UNCP's School Executive MSA Program is designed for professionals in education who seek exceptional opportunities   for leadership development, professional networking, and learning the knowledge base and latest advancements in education – all in an accommodating format to meet the challenging professional and personal schedules of educators. This Program’s combination of classroom, online, and in-school internship experiences provides not only the flexibility that technology-assisted learning may provide, but also the enriching and invaluable educational environment inherent in face-to-face and hands-on learning that builds real world experience and life-long professional relationships with outstanding educational leaders, caring mentors, and other rising leaders in this field.

The thirty-nine (39) semester hour Master of School Administration is designed to prepare administrative leaders for the system of elementary, middle, and high schools. The Master of School Administration leads to licensure in school administration.

The conceptual framework of this program is built around five domains, which provide the program structure and purpose. The five domains are as follows:

1. Strategic leadership–training leaders to think strategically, reflecting and communicating about current educational issues and identifying and using strategic problem solving and decision-making skills.

2. Instructional leadership–preparing administrator to take a leadership role defining, refining, and implementing the schooling process; developing learning centered school improvement and leadership skills.

3. Organizational leadership–equipping administrator with skills, abilities, and values to work productively within the organization; addressing ethical and societal aspects of leadership.

4. Political leadership–preparing administrator to interact collaboratively with the various publics; investigating politics and legal aspects of education.

5. Managerial leadership–preparing administrator to respond effectively, efficiently, and in a timely manner to the multiplicity of factors involved in the operation of schools; developing an understanding of, and practicing the application of, school based management skills.

Problem-based learning, practice experiences, and ongoing assessment are key features of this program of study.

Program-Specific Admission Requirements:

A minimum of three years teaching experience is required for admission.

Applicants must have completed three years of teaching prior to admission to the program. Those who are currently in their third year may apply, but no courses can be taken until the third academic year of experience is concluded. Two recommendations must be submitted by current administrators; both should be familiar with your teaching, one of them must be the current building principal. If the principal changes after you submit your application, please update your application and request an additional recommendation from the new principal.


School Administration Add-on Licensure Program

Program Description:

The School Administration Add-on Licensure Program is designed to prepare a select group of experienced educators for positions of administrative leadership in P-12 settings. The resulting earned license as a P-12 school administrator is available as an “add-on” license only to well-qualified candidates who already possess a master’s degree, a teaching license and have minimum school experiences as noted below. The licensure-only protocol for this program reflects the standards for the school administration program, and an appropriate required program of study will be detailed in the successful applicant’s letter of admission. The program is 21-semester credit hours and requires a year-long internship at a participating public school site. 

Minimum Admission Requirements

The P-12 school administrator add-on license is available only to currently licensed teachers who:

  • Hold a master's degree in an education-related field from a regionally accredited institution; and
  • Have a minimum of three (3) years of teaching experience, or three (3) years of experience as an educational support person (e.g., counselor, media specialist), or a combination of these experiences that total a minimum of three years; OR, hold an appointment (or appointment contract) as an assistant principal.

Suggested Program of Study (pending individualized review of master’s transcript)

The add-on license requires completion of 24 semester hours. The suggested hours are as follows:

12 semester hours of course work

  • EDNL 5730:  School Based Management
  • EDNL 5030: Engaging Families, Schools and Communities
  • EDNL 5800:  Supervision and Instructional Leadership
  • EDNL 5870:  Leading School Improvement Through Organizational Change
  • EDNL 5860:  Legal Aspects of Educational Leadership

6 semester hours of internship requirements

  • EDNL 5900:  Internship and Seminar in Administration I
  • EDNL 5950:  Internship and Seminar in Administration II

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Application Deadline for MSA Degree and Add-On Licensure:

Fall - July 1

Spring - November 1

Summer- April 1