Counseling Programs Wilmington Initiative

Dr. Ki Chae with CMHC and PSC students

Counseling Students Begin Coursework at Cape Fear CC


Dr. Ki Chae (at podium) with CMHC and PSC students began the first class of the fall semester at Cape Fear Community College in Wilmington.  Students can enroll in either program on a part-time or full-time basis and complete course work by attending classes at CFCC one night a week.  

Counseling Courses Offered in Wilmington Area


Starting in August 2017, students can take up to eight counseling courses without leaving the Wilmington area.  Courses are part of UNCP’s CACREP Accredited Professional School Counseling and Clinical Mental Health Counseling programs.  The eight courses will be offered at Cape Fear CC and online with plans to make all courses for the two programs available in the area, given sufficient student interest. For additional information contact Dr. Shenika Jones (910.521.6354 or, program director for Professional School Counseling or Dr. Ki Chae (910.521.6753 or, program director for Clinical Mental Health Counseling.