Meet a Graduated Major

Sufilar Burns

"I decided to come to Pembroke because the classes were small and it was close to home. The professors are able to help students on a more personal basis because the classes are smaller. I have found the professors in the Spanish department to be very helpful and accessible as well. I have not regretted my decision to major in Spanish and the professors have been a great help to me on many different occasions. Learning another language is not easy but the professors are very patient and understanding because many of them, if not all, have experience the same frustrations that come with the learning of another language as well."

Daniel Epps

"For any student considering majoring or minoring in Spanish, UNCP is the perfect place to do it. Whether you have taken previous courses in Spanish in high school or another college institution, or if you simply wish to start your learning at UNCP, there are many classes waiting for you to discover. The Spanish program at UNCP is comprehensive and offers courses of all types, ranging from grammar to literature to history and more. The program is structured in such a way that you build upon your knowledge with each successive semester, and the opportunities to expand on your classroom education are very exciting, including semesters abroad and summer study programs in Spanish speaking countries. The faculty is extremely knowledgeable, helpful and professional, and they are willing to assist any student as much as they need. The classes are relatively small, especially in the upper level courses, which is an advantage over larger and more common programs like Psychology or Education. Upon exiting the Spanish program at UNCP, you will be a competent speaker of Spanish and a well-prepared candidate for any bilingual employment opportunity. I changed my major several times in my college career, but when I finally decided on Spanish, I felt right at home within the Spanish department at UNCP. So whether you are a native speaker, a person with Hispanic heritage, or simply someone interested in bettering themselves by learning a foreign language, UNCP offers the place, the people and the potential for you to be the person you dream of becoming."

Heather Nance

Queridos amigos,

My Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish with minor in Business Administration has prepared me for a multitude of opportunities. My experiences have surpassed my expectations. The faculty of the Spanish Department works with the students in a classroom setting as well as a one-on-one basis to ensure continued success. They encouraged me to study abroad which made a significant impact on my language skills, cultural knowledge, etc. Not only was the study abroad beneficial, it was exciting!

I feel very privileged to be a member of the following honor societies: Alpha Chi, Alpha Sigma Lambda, National Scholar’s Honor Society and Sigma Delta Pi-President.

Soon before graduation, I was hired by Columbus Regional Healthcare System as their Patient Advocate and I attribute my success to determination and education. My experience at UNCP has been challenging, however very rewarding.

All it takes is determination and a UNCP degree to succeed!


Heather Nance