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Hispanic Studies Minor

Hispanic Studies Minor

Coordinator: Ana Cecilia Lara

The Department of American Indian Studies, English, Theatre and Foreign Languages; History; Political Science and Public Administration; Social Work; and Sociology and Criminal Justice offer a minor in Hispanic Studies. This program is designed to provide an interdisciplinary curriculum for students pursuing a better understanding of the cultural, linguistic, social, and historical aspects of the Spanish-speaking world. 

Requirements for a Minor in Hispanic Studies Sem. Hrs.
Core Requirements: SPN 2310 and 2320 6

Guided Electives: Four courses from at least two different departments,
with a minimum of three 3000- or
4000-level courses   
   American Indian Studies: AISS 4xxx
   English and Theatre: ENG 2190, ENGS 22xx, 33xx, 44xx
   Foreign Languages: SPN 3110, 3120, 3220, 3310, 3360, 3510
          3610, 3620, 4210, 4220, 4550, SPNS 4xxx
   History: HST 3840, 3850, 3860, 3870, 3990, 4990, HSTS 4xxx