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MA Checksheet: Licensure Concentration


A. Core Courses (15 hours required)

  • ENG 5000—Literacy in Context: Issues and Reform (spring even years)
  • ENG 5300—Theories and Methods of Literary Research (fall even years)
  • EED 5510—The Teaching of Writing: Theories, Issues, and Practices (fall odd years)
  • EED 5520—The Teaching of Literature: Theories, Issues, and Practices (spring odd years)
  • EDN 5490—Effective Educational Leadership

B. Content Courses (Choose 21 credit hours from the following courses)

  • ENG 5030—North Carolina Literature
  • ENG 5050/AIS 5500—Native American Literature
  • ENG 5100—Rhetorical Grammar
  • ENG 5110—Principles of English Linguistics
  • ENG 5200—Issues in Contemporary American English
  • ENG 5210—Advanced Creative Writing
  • SPE 5230—Spoken Communication
  • ENG 5440—Process Writing: Theory and ENG 5450—Process Writing: Practice 
  • ENG 5500—Advanced Nonfiction Writing
  • ENG 5600—Americans in Paris
  • ENG 5610—Shakespeare Studies
  • ENG 5750—Film Studies
  • ENG 5810—Phonetics and Phonology (fall odd years)*
  • ENG 5830—Second Language Acquisition (spring even years)*
  • ENG 5850—Cultural Issues of English as a Second Language (fall even years)*
  • TESL 5890—Applied Pedagogy of Teaching English as a Second Language (spring odd years)*
  • ENGS 5000-5099 — Literary Topic Seminar
  • ENGS 5100-5199 — Special Topics in Literacy
  • ENGS 5200-5299 — Literary Genre Seminar 
  • ENGS 5300-5399 — Author Seminar 
  • ENGS 5400-5499 — Literary Period Seminar 
  • ENGS 5700-5799 — Expanding Canon Seminar
  • ENG 6010—Three-Credit Thesis or ENG 6020—Six-Credit Thesis I and ENG 6030— Six-Credit Thesis II
  • Guided Elective course: With approval of the Program Director, candidates may enroll in one graduate course in another program at UNCP (assuming that they meet its prerequisites); the candidate must complete an Elective Transfer Form laying out the rationale for the elective course furthering the candidate's professional and educational goals. Candidates are particularly encouraged to use EDN 5660, EDN 5470, and EDN 5480 as elective courses.

* indicates courses leading to Graduate Add-On Licensure in ESL; candidates for this licensure must have taken ENG 3460 Aspects of the English Language and ENG 3710 English Grammar or their equivalents.

C. Capstone Portfolio and Presentation is the culminating experience of the graduate program and takes place during the last semester (fall or spring) of the candidate’s course work.

Program Total: 36

The degree must be completed within five years of admission to the program. Students should note rotation of core courses and should schedule their Capstone Experience to assure that they can complete all requirements in a timely manner. Each graduate student should obtain the UNCP Catalog and the Graduate Student Handbook upon admission to the program. For additional information on Program Description, Admissions Requirements, Orientation, Graduate Faculty, and Schedule of Courses consult