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MAT Checksheet (Middle Grades Language Arts)


Requirements for Master of Arts in Teaching with Middle Grades Language Arts Specialization

Phase I (initial licensure)

Educator Preparation Core* (15 sem. hrs.)

  • EDN 5040: An Introduction to the Basic Tenets of Education
  • EDN 5120: Advanced Study of Exceptionality in Children
  • EDN 5260: The Middle School Philosophy, Curriculum, and Instruction
  • EDN 5440: Survey of Educational Research
  • EDN 5450: Introduction to Curriculum Design and Best Practices
  • EDN 5460: Field Experience (0 hours)

Professional Development** (3 sem. hrs.)

  • EED 5810: Internship in Secondary English Education

Academic Specialization (6 sem. hrs.)

  • ENG 5300: Theories and Methods of Literary Research
  • ENG 5110: Principles of English Linguistics

Phase II (advanced licensure)

Pedagogical Expertise (6 sem. hrs.)

  • EED 5510: The Teaching of Writing: Theory and Practice
  • EED 5520: The Teaching of Literature: Theories, Issues, and Practices

Academic Specialization (12 sem. hrs.): Select four courses from the following list.

  • ENG 5000: Literacy and Literature in Context
  • ENG 5030: North Carolina Literature
  • ENG 5050: Native American Literature
  • ENG 5100: Rhetorical Grammar
  • ENG 5200: Issues in Contemporary American English
  • ENG 5210: Advanced Creative Writing
  • ENG 5440: Process Writing: Theory
  • ENG 5450: Process Writing: Practicum
  • ENG 5500: Advanced Nonfiction Writing
  • ENG 5600: Americans in Paris
  • ENG 5610: Shakespeare Studies
  • ENG 5750: Film Studies
  • ENGS 5000-5099***: Literary Topic Seminar
  • ENGS 5100-5199***: Special Topics in Literacy
  • ENGS 5200-5299***: Literary Genre Seminar
  • ENGS 5300-5399***: Author Seminar
  • ENGS 5400-5499***: Literary Period Seminar
  • ENGS 5700-5799***: Expanding Canon Seminar
  • One of the following:
    • ENG 5810: Phonetics and Phonology
    • ENG 5830: Second Language Acquisition
    • ENG 5850: Cultural Issues of English as a Second Language

Total: 39-42 sem. hrs.**

Candidates will also compile electronic portfolios as part of the completion of both Phase I and Phase II; the Phase II portfolio will be part of the candidate's Capstone Experience. See Middle Grades Program Director for details.

M.A.T. Program Handbook

*Students admitted prior to Fall 2010 who have opted to change to the 2010 or later catalogue may make the following substitutions of courses already completed under the 2009 and earlier catalogues:

  • EDN 5500 Applied Educational Psychology may substitute for EDN 5040: An Introduction to the Basic Tenets of Education
  • EDN 5660 Applied Educational Research may substitute for EDN 5440: Survey of Educational Research, if completed prior to switching to the 2010 or later catalogue
  • EDN 5820 Instructional Development may substitute for EDN 5450: Introduction to Curriculum Design and Best Practices
  • Note that the older courses were not designed to produce artifacts for candidates' electronic portfolios, so that choosing to substitute an earlier course may necessitate considerable work outside of class to produce the required documentation of mastered standards.

**EED 5810 is required if the student has not provided appropriate documentation of successful Middle Grades public school teaching experience in the licensure area.

***ENGS courses: Exact course number and title will vary, since multiple topics are offered in different semesters. Check with program director prior to registering.