Graduate Program in English

The Graduate Program in English offers three degrees, which full-time students can complete in two years and part-time students can complete in five years. Graduate courses are offered in the evening to accommodate students' schedules.

  • THE MASTER OF ARTS IN ENGLISH EDUCATION, LICENSURE CONCENTRATION is designed to prepare the licensed, in-service secondary English teacher to be a leader, researcher, and master teacher. It is designed for English teachers with an initial ("A") license who, after the successful completion of the program, will obtain the North Carolina "M" license in English (9-12)
  • THE MASTER OF ARTS IN ENGLISH EDUCATION, THESIS CONCENTRATION is designed to prepare individuals with undergraduate degrees in English or closely-related fields for endeavors requiring a Master's degree, including community college instruction or further study in English. Unlike traditional Master of Arts in English programs, this degree includes coursework in the teaching of literature and writing that will prepare community college and private school instructors.
  • THE MASTER OF ARTS IN TEACHING, ENGLISH 9-12 SPECIALIZATION is part of an interdisciplinary degree housed in the School of Education. This degree, compatible with Lateral Entry licensure, allows graduates of accredited colleges or universities to seek teaching licensure in an appropriate area. This program has two phases; completion of Phase I leads to initial ("A") licensure, and at the conclusion of Phase II candidates will be recommended for "M" licensure. The English 9-12 Specialization accepts candidates with undergraduate degrees other than English, though admission may require completion of some undergraduate coursework.

Current UNCP undergraduates may be qualified for provisional admission to the Master of Arts in English Education while they complete their undergraduate studies. See our 4+2 program and the flyer below for details.

For more information on the Graduate Program in English, contact Dr. Roger Ladd.

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