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ENG 1050: Composition 1

ENG 1050: Composition I provides students with a foundation in critical reading and writing practices by introducing different types of texts and ways of working with them. Students will recognize and interpret differing perspectives and will analyze and synthesize others’ work, producing several texts of moderate length. Credit, 3 semester hours. PREREQ: Placement into ENG 1050 or “C” grade or better in ENG 0104.

Course Objectives
ENG 1050 places students in a text-rich environment for the purpose of cultivating skills in critical reading and writing through analysis and synthesis. Within this context, students develop rhetorical reading and writing practices, recognizing and interpreting differing perspectives and constructing claims about texts.

By the end of this course, students will be able to

● employ strategies of pre-writing, drafting, and revising
● identify and explain the purpose, audience, genre, context, claims, reasoning, and assumptions of a given text
● write with a clear purpose
● compose texts that develop a sustaining idea or thesis, demonstrate engagement with an issue, explore
   different perspectives on the issue, and avoid sweeping generalizations
● summarize, paraphrase, synthesize, incorporate direct quotations from, and respond to text(s) in support of a
   sustaining idea or thesis
● produce clear and readable prose that demonstrates unity and coherence
● follow conventions of Standard English
● know when and how to document information from texts using a citation style such as MLA or APA

(ENG 0104 outcomes are implicit in 1050.)