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ENG 0104: Written Communication Skills

ENG 0104: Written Communication Skills introduces students to academic ways of reading, writing, and thinking. Students cultivate reading and writing strategies to understand, paraphrase, and summarize, producing several short texts. Credit, 3 semester hours (will not count toward earned hours or graduation requirements). Required for students placed into ENG 0104 and for students in the College Opportunity Program. NOTE:  Students must earn a “C” grade or better to progress to ENG 1050.

Course Objectives
ENG 0104 situates students in the academy and offers them tools for navigating texts. Students cultivate reading and writing strategies in order to understand, paraphrase, and summarize texts.


By the end of this course, students will be able to

● employ strategies of pre-writing, drafting, and revising
● identify the main idea or central argument in a text as well as the rhetorical strategies used by authors to
    support those ideas and/or arguments
● compose a variety of texts that demonstrate clear focus, logical development of ideas, and use of appropriate
    language that advance the writer’s purpose
● demonstrate reading comprehension through effective summary and paraphrase
● demonstrate unity and coherence in their writing
● recognize and follow most conventions of Standard Edited English