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Attendance Policy

Freshman writing courses at The University of North Carolina at Pembroke emphasize process as well as product.

The Department of English, Theatre, and Foreign Languages considers regular class attendance a responsibility as important as turning in written work. Students are expected to attend all classes and to complete all assignments on time.

Instructors are under no obligation to accept or to grade work that is missed or late because of an absence.

A grade of F may be assigned if, by the end of the course, a student has missed more than six hours of a course (15% of the class time, e.g., six (6) MWF or four (4) TTh classes in the regular semester), regardless of the reason for those absences except for the observance of religious holidays (in accordance with the University's religious holiday policy), for military service, or for required participation in official, university-sanctioned events.

Students may appeal an F grade given for absences by demonstrating that severe and unexpected events, such as catastrophic illness or accident, were responsible for the absences and that a grade of C (2.0) or higher would otherwise have been earned in the course. A written appeal must be submitted to the Director of Composition. A student whose appeal is denied may request a hearing before a special board composed of three Composition Committee members.