TRIO Services

· Tutoring, one-on-one or in groups
· Study skills assistance
· Guidance in academic advising
· Personal or social counseling
· Career development
    College Foundation of North Carolina - Plan for Career
    Career Explorer
    Occupational Outlook Handbook
· Financial Literacy 
   Cash Course
   FDIC Money Smart
   College Foundation of North Carolina - Financial Literacy
· Assistance with applying for financial aid
· Assistance with applying to graduate or professional degree programs
· Serving as a liaison for students with disabilities
· Access to references and resource materials for the GRE, MAT, LSAT, TEAS, Praxis, etc.
· Study rooms/computer labs with color printers (free printing)
· Active, eligible students may qualify for a SSS grant awarded during the middle of the spring term
For more information about our available services, refer to our brochure below.
TRIO Eligibility Check form below:
Has either of your parents received a Bachelor's Degree?
Do you have any disabilities?
Do you receive Pell Grant?
Do you give TRIO permission to contact the Office of Financial Aid to verify household income?