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Supporting Your Student

Bell Tower
4 + 1 (Model of Involvement) 

Students that are connected and involved are more likely to be successful. Encourage your student to find ways to get plugged into campus and make UNCP their HOME!

1. Career Related
Career related experiences include on and off campus employment, internships, professional student organizations, and other experiences exposing you to the world of work.

2. Enjoyable
Enjoyable experiences are plentiful. Pick something positive and meaningful to you. Options include student organizations, intramurals, athletics, music ensembles, theater productions, and more.

3. Gives Back to the Community
It’s a privilege to attend UNC Pembroke. With privilege comes the responsibility to give back to the community by volunteering and enrolling in service learning courses.

4. Promote Self-Care
Self-care supports resiliency, making it crucial for success at UNCP and all aspects of life—mind, body, and spirit.

(+1) Experienced with People Different than Yourself

UNC Pembroke is one of the most diverse universities in the Southeast. Engaging in experiences with people different than yourself is the number one factor positively affecting leadership development among college students.

For more information on 4 + 1 please visit The Division of Student Affairs