Eligibility Requirements for PSI Lambda Chapter of Tri-Beta

Eligibility is extended to six membership classes, two of which target undergraduate students – Regular and Associate Membership.

Regular Membership

  1. shall be an undergraduate major in biological science
  2. shall have completed at least one semester of the sophomore year (45 credits)
  3. shall have completed at least 3 courses in biology, at least 2 of which are “2000” level or higher
  4. shall have a GPA of 3.0 or higher in biology
  5. shall have an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher
  6. if transfer student, shall meet all of the above requirements. In addition, 2 of the 3 courses in biology (see rule #3 above) must be upper level (> “2000” level) and have been completed at UNCP.

    *National initiation fee $45 if apply initially as regular member, $10 if being promoted from associate member

Associate Membership

Associate membership is awarded to any undergraduate who has completed at least one biology course with a grade of “B”, has an overall GPA of 3.0, and whose interests include the life sciences in some significant way, but who is ineligible for regular membership. These students must have completed at least one semester of the sophomore year (must have completed at least 30 credits).

*National initiation fee is $35, and local chapter dues and monthly meetings are also required of students who join.