Master of Arts in Teaching with Specialization in Art

Program Description 

The Masters of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) is an interdisciplinary degree option within the Teacher Education degree program. The M.A.T. is intended for graduates from accredited colleges or universities with an undergraduate major in humanities or social sciences, and who have few, if any, formal courses in education available. It only to those individuals who have not earned licensure and who are seeking certification in the teaching field in which they wish to earn the degree.

The program will include graduate work in the teaching pedagogy and professional education course work in advanced coursework in one of the following areas: Social Studies/History, Physical Education, Art Education, English Education, Science Education, Middle Grades, and Mathematics Education. A 3-hour (10 week) Internship is required if the candidate is not employed as a lateral entry teacher.

The Master of Arts in Teaching degree program was developed according to Standards for Program Approval by the North Carolina Department of Education. It addresses the North Carolina Masters/Advanced Competencies, which include standards in Instructional Expertise, Knowledge of Learners, Research Expertise, Connecting Subject Matter and Learners, and Professional Development. The graduate program incorporates the conceptual framework that is common to all teacher education programs at UNCP.

Art Education MAT Curriculum

Phase I (18-24 hours)

Professional Core            12 HRS

EDN 5040 An Introduction to the New Tenets of Education (3)                                    

EDN 5120 Advanced Study of the Exceptional Child (3)                                                  

EDN 5430 Survey of Educational Research (3)                                                                     

EDN 5450: Introduction to Curriculum Design and Best Practices (3)                        

EDN 5460 Field Experience (0 hours)

Professional Development   3HRS

ART 5810 Internship in K-12 Art Education (3)                                                                     

Academic Specialization    9HRS

ART 5090. Leadership and Survey of Art Education (3)                                                    

* ART 5060 Applied Art Education Pedagogy, and Production (3)                                               

ARTS XXXX Special Topics (3) REPEATABLE                                                                           

*Required if the student has not provided appropriate documentation of successful public school teaching experience or course work in studio or art education methods to meet the competencies for the A license.

You will receive your “A” license when you complete Phase I.

Phase II               6HRS

Pedagogical Expertise

ART 5080. Art in the Elementary and Secondary Schools (3)                                         

ART 5110. Advanced Art History Methods and Content (3)                                            

Academic Specialization       9HRS

ART 5020. Curricula in Art Education (3)                                                                                                 

ART 5030. Research in Art Education (3)                                                                                                

ART 5040. History and Philosophy of Art Education (3)   

Total: 36-39 for Phase I and II

*Note that candidates may waive the requirement for Art 5810: Internship in Art Education successfully completing a year of full-time teaching under a lateral-entry license in Art Education k-12.

You will receive your “M” license when you complete Phase II.

You take your comprehensive exam the last semester of your program. If you are student teaching, you can take the comprehensive exam the semester before the student teaching experience. 

During student teaching you will develop a Teacher Candidate Work Sample (unit plan).

Evidence to meet the NC teaching standards will need to be dropped on Taskstream each semester when you finish the item(s). There is a fee of $25 per semester for Taskstream or $40 for the year. 

Your “Content Knowledge Research Paper” and reflections for all courses are due the last semester of your program.


ART 5020. Curricula in Art Education (3)

Advanced study of art education curricula, with option for elementary or secondary emphasis.  Study of exemplary art programs, standards of quality, curriculum models, curriculum design and construction, concomitant instructional methods, and evaluation.  Prerequisite: graduate standing.

ART 5030.  Research in Art Education (3) 

Studies of appropriate research methodologies, research and selected readings in art education. Includes research procedures in art education, recent studies, areas needing further research, Prerequisite: graduate standing. 

ART 5040.  History and Philosophy of Art Education (3) 

Critical analysis of objectives, current theories, and texts that are shaped by the visual arts, history, philosophy, aesthetics, the behavioral sciences, and recent trends in art education. The sociopolitical currents that have shaped art education, and visual art itself, are examined. Prerequisite: graduate standing

ART 5060. Applied Art Education Pedagogy and Production (3)  

This course is designed to fulfill MAT: Art Education graduate students’ individual and specific needs, especially in studio(s) and/or method(s) courses. 

ART 5080. Art Production in the Elementary and Secondary Schools (3)  

This course is designed to provide art educators with various aspects of creating new, innovative art lessons for secondary and elementary curricula.  Emphasis will be placed upon philosophies associated with elementary and secondary art education production and the use of specific art tools, media, materials, and techniques to enhance student learning. Prerequisite: graduate standing.     

ART 5090. Leadership and Survey of Art Education (3)  

Emphasis is on acquiring the knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed for leadership roles in art education.  Students will analyze the philosophical and theoretical content of various models of leadership.  The course provides a survey of development of current art education trends, issues and problems in the field by means of a critical inquiry. Prerequisite: graduate standing. 

ART 5110. Art History Methods and Content (3)  

This course focuses on studies of appropriate art history methods and art history content for grades K-12.  This course includes the development of competency in art history, methods, and diverse inquiry procedures. Prerequisite: graduate standing

ART 5810.  Internship in K-12 Art Education (3) 

Ten week, full-time internship experiences in an off-campus public school setting appropriate for K-12 Art licensure.  Prerequisite: Approval of the Art Education Program Director. 

ART 6000.  Thesis in Art Education (3)

The student prepares a Master’s Degree thesis in the area of the student’s major under the individual direction of the student’s major advisor and thesis committee.  Graded on a Satisfactory (Pass [P]), Unsatisfactory (Fail [F]) basis.  Prerequisites: Completion of 18 semester hours of graduate work; EDN 5660; permission of the student’s major advisor; permission of the Dean of Graduate Studies.  The six required hours of thesis credit are earned by registering for this course in two separate semesters.

ARTS 5xxx. Special Topics (3)

This course is designed to fulfill individual and specific needs of art education graduate students’ particular area of advanced study.  Directed reading, research, production, and problem solving in the student’s area or areas of art studio elective(s) or art studio concentration are carried out by the student at the University and in the field under the supervision of the student’s major advisor and instructor. Course is repeatable with consent of the instructor.  Prerequisite: graduate standing

      NOTE: For EDN course descriptions, see listings in the M.A.Ed. program.