In Living Color

Neon-rainbow cityscape framed within a paint splash on black background

UNCP B.A. Senior Capstone Exhibition

On View: April 18-29, 2022

Reception: April 23, 5-6 p.m.


Featuring: Jaylen Bell, Alexis Lopiccolo, Ivan Lugo, and Keith Stephens  

In Living Color, group statement:

Within this body of work, we combined many different styles and subjects to create compelling but subliminal artistic expressions. Some of us focused on the subtle things around us, while others focused on more dynamic and striking aspects. These works come together to give a larger meaning to things around us, whether it be family, friends, comics, music, or even something simple as watching Anime on television. We aim to capture the beauty of each individual’s art style by showing how detailed exhibitions can be compelling compositions, as well as artwork that is simple in design can create the same effect. The work we created can be an imagination that lives in us all and all it takes is just one brush stroke or one creation of a line. A great amount of pieces we created focuses on color. It brings life to our artwork and hopefully fascinates and creates others when they see it; leaving an impact when they see our imagination “In living color”.