The Unwritten Language

Unwritten Image

UNCP B.A. Senior Capstone Exhibition

On View: November 10 through 19, 2020


The A.D. Gallery is pleased to present the student capstone exhibition entitled “The Unwritten Language.” This fall show is presenting works by five B.A. UNCP students, Destiny Blue, Gregory Guthrie, Jessica Hanrahan, Kallie Price and Stoney Faulkner. It is now on display at the A.D. Gallery at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke.

For these artists their native language is visual art. It is an unspoken language, composed of all the things they didn’t say, didn’t know how to convey or a message they simply want to share with us. The language of art is very diverse; is it reflected in the uniqueness of the artists themselves, to the wide array of mediums that they use to create their works and relate their messages.

Destiny Blue's series of portraits titled "Seasons" is centered around African American beauty and a woman finding herself through her Creator. These two themes are depicted through an unconventional approach as well as portraiture to tell a visual story. Each piece has unconventional hair made from trash bags, which symbolizes breaking stereotypes surrounding African American hair. Turning trash into beauty, flipping the narrative that African American hair is less acceptable, "trash," or unprofessional in society and mainstream media. Additionally, the series tells a story of three different turning points or seasons in life. The first one represents being in a low place, seeking guidance from God in dark moments. The second one represents an awakening, being aware of the grace and love for herself and from the Creator. Lastly, the third one constitutes experiencing joy in every season and receiving strength from her Creator. Destiny gets her inspiration from her everyday life and the Black experience.

Gregory Guthrie states, “As for my artwork, I would find an image of an athlete or fashion model, because it represents the categories that I’ve interest. What makes me what I am, is fashion, darkness, and luxury, because I represent and love these themes, it makes me what I am today defining my art. My process of making art is created with the style of pop art comics as I add the figure to fit with the color of the background. The themes that I involve in my artwork, was designing portraits and adding abstract background along with the figure.”

Jessica Hanrahan’s series is named, “Separated we fall, Together we stand”. This series is a message regarding our current times, where in society it's easy to feel isolated or alienated. It’s a time in everyone's life where religion and patriotism might benefit those who are lost. In a time where everyone has been made to feel like enemies and it's easy to turn on your neighbor, your friends and family. The depiction of the Angel and Lady Liberty is to symbolize the loss of Religion and Patriotism in the everyday life. Both have separately been attacked in recent years, but it should never be forgotten that we were founded on those beliefs. It is important for Americans to stand together and not apart. The hands are representative of the narratives being pushed on the everyday people, such as division and hate. They represent those who are destroying and rewriting history, monuments, statues, all the while hurting those with different opinions from their own. This is the first time Jessica has created art regarding politics and religion. She takes inspiration from the current times she is in, as well as her feelings.

Kallie Price states, “My religion plays an important part in my life and in my art. All these things become connected by my inspiration which is nature. When I am in nature on a gorgeous day, surrounded by this beautiful creation I feel the most at peace and connected to God. Within this series of paintings, I wanted to capture that feeling. I want my viewers to look at my art and have a sense of calmness and peace wash over them. My hope is that they will feel encouraged by the constant light and stillness and that whatever they may be dealing with that day feels just a little bit lighter.”

Stoney Faulkner states, “My name is Stoney Faulkner. I was born and raised in Henderson NC. I started making art in elementary school. It was just me coping pictures form animes and drawing on my hands. At some point I realized that I loved art and wanted to start painting. My preferred styles now are surrealism and portraiture. I have always liked drawing out of the norm. I work mostly in acrylic paint because of my indecisiveness. I tend to start over many times while I am painting. On some occasions I will completely paint over a finished painting. It is safe to say I am not extremely attached to my paintings.”

The A.D. gallery is in Locklear Hall on the first floor. It is open Monday through Friday at 9am and closes at 6pm. This exhibition is free and open to the public. The A.D. Gallery is supported through University of North Carolina at Pembroke student activity fees.