Reflections of Us

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UNCP B.A. Senior Capstone

Online Exhibition


The UNCP A.D. Gallery is pleased to present “Reflections of Us: UNCP B.A. Senior Capstone Online Exhibition,” a show featuring the work of B.A. students Nicole Bell, Concetta McLaurin-Wilson, Emily Brown, Isaiah Holly, Make'lee Roland, Angelique Henderson, Demitrius Wirt, Jay Josephson, and Iesha Ford.


Nicole Bell
Concetta McLaurin-Wilson

Concetta Wilsons’ series is centered on creating a visual narrative on Americas’ relationship with slavery and Jim Crow and how it affected the black community in areas such as religion, cotton, interracial marriages and creativity, personal expression. “I wanted to draw attention to the space ship in the U.S., known as slavery and how America was built off of the backs of Africans. We will never escape its’ grasp if we never address the systemic issues that continue to plague the black community today,” said Mrs. Wilson.

Isaiah Holly
Make'lee Roland
Angelique Henderson

Angelique Henderson                                                            

I was always fascinated with the use of symbolism and imagery in an art piece due to the amount of possible interpretations of a piece through the viewer’s perspective. Everything I incorporated into a piece of art has a meaning and a background story. While one piece of art can be its separate entity and be relatively successful, I string along other pieces of my work to prolong the story and provide multiple points of views to the onlooker. The story that I have created now is about psychological and emotional struggles between a couple and how they try to overcome them. The skeleton is a physical representation of how the main character sees himself after years of trauma and psychological struggles.

The main character is slowly overcoming his personal view about himself as someone new enters his domain. The intention this story to gives a rather personal perspective about mental health and how couples overcome those struggles out of love. Not everyone is how they seem at first glance and are well built. Some people see that they are nothing but husks of their former selves that go through each day with apathy. There are plenty of people out there that are constantly facing their own inner battles.

Demetrius Wirt
Jay Josephson
Iesha Ford

Iesha Ford is a multi-media artist who makes and sells a variety of works from sculptures and printmaking, to painting and charcoal drawings. Her current art focuses on environmental and social issues that are currently affecting the world we live in. As a college student, Iesha explores many different art making techniques across a multitude of mediums.

“Bushfire” was created to bring attention to the bushfires that have ravaged Australia for more than half a year. All of Australia’s wildlife was greatly affected by this disaster and more help is needed to not only save these animals but to have more preparation in the event these fires get out of hand again.

“Let Us Bee- Woodcut” was created with the help of the Cumberland County Beekeeper Association who donated the bees the artist used in the resin pieces. These insects are dying, and they are a major part of our food chain.

“Maria’s Path” is a piece about the fore mentioned hurricane that decimated Puerto Rico. This storm was left scars on this place that will never heal, and we need to be reminded that nothing is more powerful than nature, so we must be prepared.

“Florence Floods” represents the rain that Hurricane Florence brought that destroyed homes, roads, and lives.