NC Relay Protocol


Relay is a tool used by deaf, hard-of-hearing and speech impaired individuals to facilitate communication via telephone access from a voiced party and a teletypewriter (TTY) user or vise versa.  

  • To make a Relay call, dial 711 from any phone (cell or business) or 1.800.877.8339


An operator will answer and ask which number you are trying to dial.  The operator will dial the number and notify the second party that someone is attempting to contact them via Relay services.  The operator will notify you that the requested party is on the phone and you may begin speaking.  The operator will type everything you say to the second party on the other end.  At anytime when you have finished making a statement you need to say the words “Go Ahead” this allows the operator to alert the other person on the other end that it is their time to begin responding.  The typed message will appear on the TTY of the second party.

  • When receiving a Relay call, upon answering the phone, an operator will state that they are a Relay operator and someone is attempting to call your agency via Relay.  The operator will ask if you are familiar with Relay.  The operator will begin speaking exactly as the individual is keying, using the same protocol with GA (Go Ahead) and SK (Stop Keying).  Be patient as the phone call may take a little longer.
  • Always speak to the person directly ignoring the operator.  For example avoid using statements like tell her/him.  The operator will type everything you say.
  • It is important to note that it is the operator who will set the pace of the conversation, they may ask you to slow down or speed up your speaking pace.
  • Last but not least, remember that there will be a printed copy of whatever you said for the other party.