Accessing Services as a Person with a Disability

1. Purpose

1.1 UNC Pembroke has a designated office to serve students with disabilities under ADA, and Sections 503, 504 & 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. The office of Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) is the designated office to determine eligibility and recommend reasonable accommodations.

2. Policy

2.2. This policy is designed to identify resources and provide steps to accessing services as a person with a disability.

2.3. Upon admission to the university each student receives information in the admission packet to access services as a student with a disability. The Accessibility Resource Center is the first point of contact for all requesting services as a person with a disability.  There are various ways to contact the ARC office. A person with a disability is required to initiate the request for services. ARC has provided different modes of initiating such a request:

2.3.a. A person may call 910.521.6695 to speak to a service provider.

2.3.b. A person may email ARC at to provide a name and number for an appointment or request a return call/email to access services.

2.3.c. A request for information on accessing services may be Faxed to: 910.521.6891. A name and information to contact the person must be included in the FAX.

2.3.d.  A letter may be sent to the ARC office at:  UNC Pembroke, ARC office, P. O. Box 1510, Pembroke, N.C.  28372-1510

2.4. In order to serve students with disabilities in a timely and reasonable manner the following information is required regardless of manner of contact:

2.4.a. Name, address and preferred contact number of student.

2.4.b. Type of disability claimed by the student.

2.4.c. Request for an intake packet specific to the disability. One will be mailed to the student within one business day of request for services.

2.4.d. It is the responsibility of the student with a disability to provide all documentation needed for services as well as the intake form and current impact statement.

2.4.e. Once the documentation of the disability, intake packet, and current impact statement are in a student’s file the Documentation Review Committee will meet to determine eligibility for services, link between disability and requested accommodations, and appropriate recommended accommodations.

2.4.e.1. If a student’s packet is complete by Wednesday at noon of any given week, the Documentation Review Committee will convene on Friday to deliberate service appropriate for the student.

2.5.Once all paperwork is turned in to ARC the student will wait to hear from the ARC office. Either a letter will be sent to you or the ARC office will contact you within one business day to schedule an appointment with a ARC service provider.

2.6. It is the responsibility of the student with a disability to contact faculty and staff with an educational need-to-know.  During this meeting the student with a disability will request accommodations as outlined in the accommodations letter provided to them by ARC.

2.6.a.During the accommodations meeting with faculty and staff the student with a disability will fill out a carbon copy instructor-student contract to determine how accommodations will take place for that particular situation.  If there are any questions or any clarification needed during this meeting, it is required that ARC be contacted as outline don the contract.

2.6.b.The student with a disability must return the original copy of the instructor-student contract to ARC for record keeping and assurance of timely and reasonable implementation of accommodations. ARC will follow up on any further steps needed for providing services.