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Accommodations Process at UNC Pembroke Accessibility Resource Center

1.     Students meet with Accessibility Resource Center to receive an 
        accommodation letter for faculty, outlining the 
        accommodations they are approved for.

2.     Students pick up copies of the Instructor-Student Contract,
        and Tape Recording Agreements and Note Taker Slips 
        when applicable.

3.     Students fill in required information and signatures,
        when applicable (first two lines of Instructor-Student 
        Contract, student and witness signatures on Tape
        Recording Agreement or initials and class on Note Taker Slip)

4.     Students contact and arrange meeting with the professor.

5.     Students and professors discuss implementation of 
        classroom accommodations.

6.     Professors or students call ARC Director for 
        consultation if issues arise about implementing the 
        accommodations in that particular class.

7.     Professors fill out the instructor-student contracts 
        detailing how accommodations will be implemented 
        in that particular class.

8.     Professors and students sign the instructor-student 
        contract and retain copies.

9.     Students return signed instructor-student contracts 
        to ARC.

10.   In subsequent semesters, students stop by 
        Accessibility Resource Center to pick up forms, and 
        follow steps 2-9.

If students or professors have any concerns about accommodations, you may contact ARC by phone: 910.521.6695 or email: