Dean Elinor F. Newberry Poetry/Short Prose Contest Information and Application

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Dean Elinor F. Newberry Poetry/Short Prose Contest Guidelines

This contest is jointly sponsored by the Friends of the Library of The University of North Carolina at Pembroke and the Kiwanis of Robeson-Lumberton, with the latter organization generously providing the funding for the prizes for high school winners.

1. The entries must be 500 words or less and must be typed. All words, excluding the title, will count toward the total. Any entry exceeding the limit will not be considered. Any incomplete application form will result in the elimination of the accompanying entry.

2. The entries must be original and unpublished.

3. One entry per person will be accepted and an application form must accompany the entry.

4. All entries will be blind-judged, so only the title should appear on the submission. The judges’ decisions will be final. Any copies of the poetry/prose entry with the author’s name on the piece or contained within the piece will not be considered. The author’s name should appear on the application form only.

5. There are two categories:

  • UNCP students
  • Area high school students.

6. Three cash prizes will be awarded in each category:

  • $250 for first place,
  • $150 for second place,
  • $100 for third place.
  • *In the event of a tie, the judges will make a tie-breaking decision. The judges’ decisions are final.

7. Each writer of an award-winning entry will be invited to read the piece at a program during National Library Week.

8. Deadline for submission of the entry with an application is February 28, 2019. Any entries postmarked, if mailing, after this date will not be accepted.

9. Submitting Entries.

  • Entries submitted must be in Microsoft Word format.
  • Entries must be submitted before midnight on the deadline date.
  • Application form must be submitted with the entry.
  • Electronic versions are available on the Library’s website:
  • Entries also can be mailed or e-mailed via web-form.


Mailing Address:

Poetry/Short Prose Contest

The University of North Carolina at Pembroke Mary Livermore Library

P.O. Box 1510

Pembroke, NC 28372-1510

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Dean Elinor F. Newberry Poetry/Short Prose Contest

The Poetry/Short Prose Contest is named in honor of the former Dean of the Mary Livermore Library, Dr. Elinor F. Newberry. This contest will attract entries from across the region in two different categories: UNCP students and regional high school students.

The Friends of the Library and the Kiwanis of Robeson-Lumberton, with the latter organization generously providing the funding for the prizes for the high school students, will provide the prizes for the different categories. First place winners will receive $250; second place, $150; and third place, $100. (In the case of a tie, the prize money may be divided.)

The deadline for submission of entries this year is Wednesday, February 28, 2019.

This year’s entries will be accepted electronically. See link to online application at bottom of page. The link to the application form can be also accessed from the Library’s website:

The application form can also be downloaded from the Library’s website, filled out, attached with to contestant’s entry and mailed to the library.

Winners will be invited to read their winning pieces on Wednesday, April 10, 2019, during National Library Week.

Once judged, the potentially winning entries will be checked to see if they were plagiarized, if the judges have not already disqualified them. Copying something you found in a print publication, on the Internet, or from Facebook will disqualify your winning entry. If you slightly modify an e-mail that someone sent you, the entry will be disqualified. Remember that plagiarism is theft of another’s words or ideas. At the University level, it can be an Honor Code violation.

Apply Here:

Dean Elinor F. Newberry Poetry/Short Prose Online Application