Promotions and Discounts


The Hawks Nest sponsors several promotions each year for faculty, staff and students, including ping pong, bowling, and billiards tournaments, recreational bowling including intramural and mini leagues, and half and full semester billiards passes.

  • Friday Night Lights (FNL) is sponsored by the University Center & Programs office. Each month on the 2 Friday, students with a valid UNCP ID can enjoy Free Play on all games and activities in the Hawks Nest. Free food and cold beverages are provided. Also look for FNL during specialty weeks such as Welcome Week and UNCP Homecoming.

For general questions about promotions, call the Hawks Nest front desk at 910.521.6544 or email us at

For additional information, questions and/or concerns, or to make a reservation request, contact the Recreation Center Manager at 910.521.6609.



 VIP – Frequent Customer Discount Incentive Program

The purpose of this discount is to provide frequent customers with an incentive for their reoccurring Hawks Nest facility usage. The incentive has FOUR activity plans (or levels of achievement): Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each activity plan is associated with a point value and a discount percentage; $1.00 = 1 point.

  • Bronze150 points = 5% Discount
  • Silver250 points = 10% Discount
  • Gold400 points = 15% Discount
  • Platinum500 points = 25% Discount

For every dollar the customer spends he/she will receive an equivalent amount of points. Once the customer reaches the amount of points associated with an activity plan, he/she will receive the related discounted percentage on all facility products (discounts last throughout his/her alumni status).

NOTE:  The "VIP" free gaming discount is applicable ONLY for individual rates. The VIP discount may not be used with package deals and/or group rates associated with the Hawks Nest.


Buy 1 Get 1 Free Gaming Discount (B1G1)

Chick-fil-A in collaboration with the Hawks Nest game room will provide a discount to give students, faculty/staff, and the community an opportunity to enjoy some of their favorite food, as well as, a few exciting activities. Make your Chick-fil-A purchase and head to the Hawks Nest for some fun and recreation. 

Present & Purchase: Present your CFA receipt (same date) to the Hawks Nest Duty Manager to receive a buy 1 get 1 free discount. Purchase a Hawks Nest product (bowling, billiards, ping pong, etc.) and receive an equivalent amount of the same purchased item, FREE!  Examples: Buy one game of bowling and receive an additional game of bowling for free. Buy 2 hours of billiards and receive an additional 2 hours of billiards for free. 

NOTE: The "Chick-fil-A" free gaming discount is applicable ONLY for individual rates. Discounts may not be used with package deals and/or group rates associated with the Hawks Nest.


Semester Billiards (Pool) Passes

Full-Semester Pass: The Full-Semester pass allows free play the entire semester and can be renewed the following semester.

  • The cost for a Full semester pass: $55.00.

    ACUI Sectional 9-ball Tournament

Half-Semester Pass: The Half-Semester pass allows free from the beginning of the semester to spring/fall break and from spring/fall break to the end of the semester.

  • The cost for a 1/2 semester pass: $30.00.

Hawks Nest Billiards Team

The Hawks Nest sponsors the Hawks Nest Billiards Team. Team member meet weekly for team  practice and coaching to develop their craft and skill. Team members receive a full-year billiards pass which allows them to practice and develop their skill independently as well.

  • The Billiards Team members get free billiards play (with stipulations) throughout the Fall and Spring semesters. (the team pass is not valid during summer sessions).
  • The Billiards Team pass cost $80.00 and includes team membership, free play, team memorabilia, and the member’s entry fee for the Hawks Nest’s annual ACUI Sectional 9-ball tournament.