Diversity and Social Justice

The Office of Student Inclusion and Diversity (OSID) at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke is committed to a culture of inclusive excellence through diversity, inclusion and social justice, by which our students, staff, faculty, and community engage in an environment that is welcoming and respectful of all people, regardless of their culture, identities and/or perspectives.

The Diversity Committee for Communities of Interest and the Social Justice Committee serve as OSID’s stewards of its mission and vision. We believe embracing diversity, inclusion and social justice, within our various stakeholders, research, curriculum and co-curriculum, and service to the community creates a rich atmosphere for teaching, learning and inquiry and is a necessary condition for preparing our graduates to succeed in a diverse world and to change it for the better.

We believe by sustaining our commitment to address these important issues, we truly advance the success of UNC Pembroke’s students, staff, faculty, and our society as a whole.