Brave Dialogues

The Offices of Student Inclusion and Diversity (OSID) and Campus Engagement and Leadership (CEL) with your support will be hosting the Intergroup Dialogue Series which is the new  Brave Dialogues Series (formerly Diversity Dialogues).  This is a great opportunity to create a safe space for differing opinions to be heard and shared. We strive to promote an environment of inclusion that encourages open dialogue with students, staff, faculty, and the community about topics not genuinely discussed. We support open and respectful of varying thoughts, opinions, feelings, etc.

For more information and if you are an UNCP student (sophomore, junior or senior) interested in participating, contact Bethany Wendler at or Jose McKinney at at your earliest convenience (student recruitment cutoff date for Fall 2019 Intergroup Dialogues is August 14, 2019).

For the Fall 2019 semester, our main focus will surround the concept of Gender.