BEAD (Brave Educators Advocating for Diversity)

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Brave Educator Advocating for Diversity (B.E.A.D.), is a program of dedicated students who are committed to educating their fellow peers and faculty/staff on a variety of diversity and social justice issues. B.E.A.D.'s accomplish this through class presentations (freshman seminar) and workshops. The mission of these student educators is to create awareness while helping to foster a future that encourages individual growth and expanding others desire to embrace diversity within the campus and surrounding community.

In 2011, the BEAD Program was implemented at The University of North Carolina at Pembroke through the Office of Multicultural & Minority Affairs (now the Office of Student Inclusion and Diversity) and was created as a peer education group. The program started with 5 dedicated students, who expressed an genuine interest in diversity, inclusion, and social justice. Through this program, the BEAD educators function as a proactive educational group that promotes diversity and acceptance at UNC Pembroke.

Come join other student educators to create awareness while helping to foster a robust campus environment that encourages individual growth and expands other people’s desire to embrace diversity on the campus and in the surrounding community.

So are you interested in being a BEAD?

If so, complete the BEAD application below.

2018-2019 (B.E.A.D.) Application

Brave Educators Advocating for Diversity (B.E.A.D.) Application The Office for Diversity and Inclusion APPLICATION DUE DATE: ACCEPTING ROLLING APPLICATIONS


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