Patient Portal (Required Medical Information)

Complete Mandatory Medical Information

Student Health Services Requires 3 Steps for compliance with part of your University Requirements.

Step 1: Health Form

Step 2: Immunizations

Step 3: Insurance Waiver or Enrollment

Step 1 and Step 2:

Please Submit online your immunizations and health form prior to Orientation. All these documents  must be completed online at our Student Health Patient Portal. The link is below

 North Carolina Law requires all students enrolling in five or more semester hours to submit a copy of their immunization records to their respective institutions.

Step 3:

Be Advised: Registered students taking six (6) or more credit hours are required to purchase the Student Health Insurance Plan. Waiver deadlines vary each semester. If you do not complete the waiver procedure, you will be enrolled in the student insurance and be required to pay the premium associated with the insurance policy.


  • Distance education students (students taking off campus and Internet only courses)
  • Students who submit evidence of equivalent coverage satisfactory to the policyholder

Visit to waive out of the University Sponsored Plan.