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Brave Nation Basic Needs Resources

Project BN2

Project BN2 (Brave Nation Basic Needs) addresses basic need deficits for UNCP students that create obstacles to academic success and experiential learning while empowering and equipping them to meet their goals and increase overall sense of belonging. The grant supports underserved students to provide them with opportunities to engage in experiential learning opportunities and meet basic needs. Through this program, we hope to support enhanced learning, growth, and development, an increased sense of belonging, and support retention and matriculation towards degree completion.

Experiential Learning Grant 

The Experiential Learning grant is for students currently enrolled at UNCP who are planning or currently participating in experiential learning and face obstacles related to one or more basic needs (including transportation, food, housing, health and wellness, childcare, or technology). Students are eligible for up to $1,500 per calendar year. Students are expected to provide documentation of the experiential learning opportunity and documentation of how their basic needs are being impacted. Apply for an Experiential Learning Grant.

Student Emergency Assistance Fund

The student emergency financial assistance application is for currently enrolled UNCP students who need financial support to assist with unexpected emergency expenses surrounding situations that create hardships. Apply for the Student Emergency Assistance Fund.