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Web/Social Media Audit

Audit Tips


Click on every link. If you see a message that you are being re-routed, update the link. If you receive an error message, repair or delete the link.

Information Ownership

Do not retype or cut and paste information that is owned by another department; outside content is subject to change. Instead, introduce the information and insert a link to the original site or contact the marketing representative of the respective area for assistance.

Current Information

Check home page, all secondary pages, and side bars for outdated information or events. Remove all outdated content. Proof Review all new information before publishing.

Phone numbers

All phone numbers should be formatted as follows: 123.456.7890


Photos must include a title/description of the picture in the “Alternate Text” box on the admin site, to ensure it can be read by assistive technology. Ensure all photos are sized correctly and consistently. All images should meet minimum resolution guidelines. Do not use clipart. UNCP must have rights to all images posted. (508 Compliance)


Videos must either be captioned or include a link to an accessible text document of the video transcript. (508 Compliance)

Significant Updates

Before publishing major renovations to your website, send the development/beta link to DSA Marketing and Communications for advisement regarding DSA criteria, accessibility, grammar, and punctuation. NOTE: Major site renovations should be planned in advance and coordinated with DSA Marketing and Communications.

Departments in the Division of Student Affairs are required to complete social media and website audits at least once per semester. The fall audits are due mid-June, spring audits are due mid-December and summer audits are due mid-May.

Departmental Page Audit

1) Content is current and accurate on each page.
2) Student diversity is represented and language is inclusive.
4) All new narrative is checked for spelling, grammar and redundancy.
5) Font style and size is consistent.
6) Contact information is current and properly formatted.
7) Photos meet resolution guidelines, are current and are sized correctly.
8) All linked PDF, .DOC, or other supported files are current.
9) Events are added to BraveConnect and feed to departmental calendar.

Social Media Platform Audit

Please complete one audit per social media platform (ex: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).

1) Account actively posts.
2) Information is current and relative to departmental strategy.
3) Account actively cross-promotes other departments.
4) Facebook cover photo is current and meets design standards.
5) Profile image is current and includes departmental logo.
6) All posts are proofed for spelling and grammar.
7) Photos meet resolution guidelines, are current and are sized correctly.
8) Account descriptions for each profile include web address.
9) Account descriptions include handles for additional platform handles.
10) Any graphics posted are appropriate and on-brand.