Freshmen & Sophomore Residency Requirement

Freshmen & Sophomore students at UNCP are required to reside on campus during their first two academic years as members of the University. Attendance during MayMester, Summer Sessions, summer program at UNCP or programs at other institutions do not apply toward the fulfillment of this requirement. For purposes of this requirement, a freshmen or sophomore residential student is defined as: any student (incoming or transfer) who will not be 21 years of age prior to August 1st of the initial enrollment year and who is registered for a course load of 6 credit hours or more. A student who transfers to UNCP during the spring semester with fewer than 12 hours of credit and falling within the age and course load requirements listed above will be subject to these guidelines as well. AP College credit or Dual Enrollment credits will not apply toward the fulfillment of this requirement.

Students subject to this requirement may request a housing waiver if they meets certain criteria (documentation will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis). A student must complete a “FRESHMEN AND SOPHOMORE RESIDENCY REQUIREMENT WAIVER APPLICATION” and submit to the Housing Coordinator in the Office of Housing and Residence Life. A student requesting a waiver should submit the form by the deadline of June 30 for students beginning the fall semester and November 30 for students beginning in the spring semester. A copy of the waiver form may be obtained from the forms section of the Housing & Residence Life website.

The review committee will render a decision based in the information provided. The student may appeal to the Director of Housing. The decision of the Director of Housing is final and conclusive. The only issue to be considered in any appeal at any level is whether or not the individual’s appeal request fits the criteria listed above.

Freshmen & sophomore students who meet the residency requirement, but do not submit a Housing Agreement or who are not approved to be exempt from the requirement will automatically be assigned on-campus housing. The student will be required to pay room and meal charges for the academic year to satisfy the residency requirement.

Click here for complete information on the University of North Carolina at Pembroke Freshman and Sophomore Residency Regulation.