Freshman & Sophomore Residency and Meal Plan Requirement

The University of North Carolina at Pembroke works to ensure that our students feel supported and engaged in all aspects of their experience, including, but not limited to, their room and board arrangements. We acknowledge the correlation between supportive, on-campus living and student participation, and we value the positive impact this correlation has on retention, success, and graduation rates.

The academic achievement of our students is a top priority on our campus, and student retention and engagement are essential to achieving this mission. According to research, students living in university-provided housing do better academically and are more satisfied with their college experience than those students who commute or live off-campus.

First- and second-year students are required to live on campus as part of our freshman and sophomore residency requirements. Those residing in a residence hall are required to hold a meal plan. To ensure access to well-balanced meals prepared in a healthy environment, a meal plan is required for residents in the residence halls (Pine, Oak, Belk, North and Cypress). Kitchens provided in these communities are for occasional and communal needs only and are not equipped to provide meal preparation for individual students. Because they have fully functional kitchens, our on-campus apartment residents are not obligated to purchase a meal plan, but it is strongly recommended that they do so.

Housing & Residence Life, Auxiliary & Business Services, and Sodexo collaborate closely with students to handle concerns such as housing and dietary restriction accommodations.

Click to view the freshman and sophomore residency regulation or exemption and release process.

Petition for Release or Exemption

Students have the right to petition for a release or exemption from the on-campus residency and/or meal plan requirement. Petitions must be reviewed by the review committee and are not guaranteed to be approved. Each request is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

The Petition for Exemption process is reserved for students who meet specified qualifications to waive their dining or residency requirement. For use by incoming freshmen and incoming transfer students, this should be completed before signing a housing contract.

The Petition for Release process is for incoming and/or current residential students who have signed either a housing or dining contract and is reserved for students who have a significant and unforeseen change that occurred after the contract was signed which prevents them from fulfilling their contractual obligation.

  • Deadline for submitting a Petition for Release: June 30 for fall semester, Nov. 30 for spring semester. 
  • A Petition for Exemption or Release, solely for the purpose of living in off-campus housing, or a Petition for Release solely to commute from home, will not be approved.
  • Any approved petitions are subject to the university’s refund policy and cancellation fees and could be prorated based on usage.
  • Release from your housing contract will result in a $525 cancellation fee.
  • A release or exemption is only applicable for the academic year for which you request and must be resubmitted each academic year.

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