Literacy Commons About Us


Who We Are

The Literacy Commons is a volunteer based organization that sponsors and supports the development and enhancement of literacy plurality within primarily the city of Pembroke, North Carolina—as well as the neighboring regions of Robeson County. Literacy, though, can also refer to financial literacy, information literacy, civic literacy, digital and media literacy, and many more. This focus on supporting a multitude of literacies allows the LC to create an environment for critical thinking — for our volunteers and those involved in our programming

We advocate the idea of literacy as a process of learning, as being personal, caring, reciprocal, community based, and ongoing. We accomplish this through specific programs as listed below:

In-School Tutoring and Support

The LC is dedicated to meeting needs in local elementary schools, offering grant-funded tutors and volunteers to support students in the classroom consistently. In the 2019-2020 academic year, the LC has established partnerships with Pembroke Elementary, Prospect Elementary, Peterson Elementary, and Union Elementary. These partnerships allow UNCP students to develop skills as Volunteer Coordinators and active, hands-on tutors to elementary school students in our region, creating a mutually beneficial relationship. Historically, these tutors have focused on 3rd grade reading. As this program grows, these tutors will support other grade levels and needs.

Brave Foundations 

The LC and the CARE Center support the Life Skills Program, designed to assist adult in making decisions that can improve their financial state. Not only does it focus on financial security, it focuses on health and wellness. Topics include budgeting and money management, public and safety awareness, stress management, health and wellness, effective communication and so much more. Those who attend the workshop will receive a voucher to the CARE Resource Center.

Science Buddies

In connection with the Office of Sustainability, this program focuses on STEM literacy and appreciation. Coordinators and volunteers bring hands-on experiments into schools to foster a love for science. 

Professional Development & Other Programming

The LC can offer support in professional development for UNCP Faculty and local teachers in their efforts to creatively engage with literacy initiatives. We also seek to create programs based on the needs in the community and on campus. 


Hannah Baggott Anderson | Literacy Commons Faculty Fellow | | 910.521.6429

Sandy Jacobs | Associate Director for Service-Learning | | 910.775.4598