Literacy Commons About Us

The Literacy Commons prides itself on working across academic disciplines, across educational institutions, and across local communities.  Our volunteers are community members, students, and University professors and staff—all engaged in different academic disciplines and community contexts, contributing to the LC in different and unique ways. Ultimately, our overarching goal is to strengthen the connections between UNCP and our local community, where we all have one common bond: a simple love for learning, thinking, and doing.

For the LC, reading is not just about spelling, sentence design, or decoding simply alphabetic texts. Language, however, is everywhere.  Reading, like our idea of literacy, is about understanding, questioning, thinking critically and creatively, and analyzing language — put another way, literacy is life. Literacy, for the LC, is a political and humanitarian act of engagement that goes beyond the skills of knowing how to write and read sentences and paragraphs. Instead, it is the act of self-empowerment, opportunity, and growth.

Who We Are

The Literacy Commons is a volunteer based organization that sponsors and supports the development and enhancement of literacy within primarily the city of Pembroke, North Carolina—as well as the neighboring regions of Robeson County. For us, literacy and learning are personal, political, and liberatory acts resulting in a move toward creating a more socially and critically engaged society.

Our overarching goal is to make literacy, learning, social engagement, creativity and critical thinking accessible, enlightening, and engaging for all local citizens. We advocate the idea of literacy as a process of learning, as being personal, caring, reciprocal, community based, and ongoing. We aim to meet the literacy needs of individuals and groups, adults and children, schools, colleges, and universities. It is our mission to be continuously defined by the needs, desires, voices, and support of the local community of Pembroke and the neighboring Robeson County.

Currently, our volunteers consist of students and teachers at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke, as well as institutional support (students and teachers) from Robeson Community College, and various teachers within the Robeson County Public Schools system. In addition, we have a number of community volunteers residing in Robeson and neighboring counties. We offer community literacy outreach, development, and support services on the following fronts: Literacy outreach into the public schools of Robeson County, community adult literacy outreach, literacy consultation and development with various organizations, institutions, and programs in Robeson County (and our neighboring counties).