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PC Prep FAQs

FAQs about PC Prep (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Peace Corps Prep?

Peace Corps Prep is a two-year certificate program offered to undergraduate students interested in serving with the Peace Corps or within the international development and service communities.  The program launched in 2007 and is currently offered at 40 colleges and universities nationwide.

Who is eligible to apply?

UNCP undergraduate students in good academic standing are eligible to apply prior to or by the start of their junior year in order to allow for two full years of program participation.  Unfortunately for seniors, there will not be enough semesters available to you to complete the Peace Corps Prep requirements in time for your graduation.

I am a freshman at UNCP.  Can I still apply for Peace Corps Prep?

Yes!  But we ask that you please wait until your second semester to apply.

When can I apply to PC Prep Program?

Peace Corps Prep is currently accepting applications for Fall 2019.  The application is online and located under the PC Prep Application tab. 

Is my application to Peace Corps Prep the same as an application to the Peace Corps itself?

No, students who successfully complete the Peace Corps Prep program at UNCP receive a signed certificate of completion from the Peace Corps. While they are not guaranteed acceptance into the Peace Corps, the students will be strong candidates for service.  An official application will still be required to join the actual Peace Corps.

Can any major apply?

We accept students from all majors and disciplines.  But please be aware that your academic plan or history should follow the guidelines. The guidelines can be found in the UNCP PC Prep Student Guide under the PC Prep Application tab.

What if, after I register for Peace Corps Prep, I decide that Peace Corps and international service are not right for me?

Contact UNCP’s Peace Corp Prep Program (PCPP) Campus Coordinator to withdraw from the program. Our goal is to educate UNCPstudents on international service, and if, during that process, you decide that such service is not right for you, we consider this a success for you and the program as well.  While students who decide by completing this certificate that international service isn’t for them will not need to complete the entire program. It is important to contact our PCP Campus Coordinator, Tennille Wilson, to let her know you are not continuing.

Do I have to be a U.S. citizen to apply to Peace Corps Prep?

No, we gladly welcome students from all nationalities and backgrounds as we feel this greatly contributes to our goal of educating global citizens.  Further, we include education on other international service organizations aside from just the Peace Corps.  Please be aware that you must be a U.S. citizen to join the Peace Corps, but many other organizations exist that accept all nationalities.

I have a medical condition that I think will disqualify me from Peace Corps service.  Can I or should I still apply for Peace Corps Prep.

Yes!  Medical conditions do not disqualify anyone from the Peace Corps Prep program.  As for a future application to the Peace Corps, some medical conditions will limit your potential country of service, but ultimately this decision will be made by Peace Corps medical.  Here are two useful websites describing the Peace Corps’s approach to medical conditions.

Peace Corps Wiki: Medical Restrictions
Peace Corps: What About Health?

What does the program involve?

Peace Corps Prep is made up of two parts, an orientation and a capstone, to be completed during different semesters.

During the orientation, students meet with the Peace Corps Prep Campus Coordinator. At this meeting, the Peace Corps Prep Campus Coordinator will plan with the student to make sure the courses they take as a part of their undergraduate curriculum also satisfy the Peace Corps Prep requirements. The student is also expected to attend a Peace Corps recruitment event and an international event on campus.  

The final capstone meeting provides students with a chance to connect with each other, discuss key ideas and questions related to international service and development, interact with diverse guest presenters, and receive mentoring and assistance with their applications to the Peace Corps or other post-graduate plans.  Students will also create their own LinkedIn Profile that highlights their strengths and individual experiences with the program.

Do I have to complete all the course or service requirements while I am enrolled in the program or can I carry them in from my previous higher education experience?

If you’ve completed classes which match our course requirements before you enroll in the program, they will still count towards the Peace Corps Prep requirements.  The same goes for your service and leadership requirements.

Do general education classes count towards the Peace Corps Prep course requirements?

Yes, as long as they have an international or service or development focus.  For instance, Marketing 3120 would not count, but International Marketing 3130 would.  Likewise, English 2230 would not count, but English 4830 would. If in doubt you can ask your Peace Corps Prep Campus Coordinator.

Is a study abroad trip required for Peace Corps Prep?

No, we accept many forms of service / international education to meet the enhancement activity requirement for Peace Corps Prep.  Please talk with your Peace Corps Prep Campus Coordinator for more information.

I have a question that was unanswered on this site.  How can I contact the program staff?

Please feel free to email us with any questions at or (Tennille Wilson, Peace Corps Prep Campus Coordinator.)