PC Prep Application

Application to PC Prep

Students who have met the academic requirements (refer to Program Requirements for PC Prep) can apply to the UNCP PC Prep program by doing the following:  

  1. Complete and sign the Peace Corps Prep Application (signatures required by the student, faculty advisor and Peace Corp Prep (PCP) Campus Coordinator, Tennille Wilson.
  2. Meet with the PCP Campus Coordinator, Tennille Wilson, to review the program, its requirements, and the application process
  3. Provide contact information to the PCP Campus Coordinator, Tennille Wilson, for follow-up meetings and any questions that may arise while completing the application process.
  4. Submit your application for review and approval by the PC Prep Committee, along with an initial draft of your course of study, identifying all of the classes and extracurricular activities you plan to undertake in fulfillment of program requirements.
  5. The PCP Campus Coordinator, Tennille Wilson, will notify you regarding your application status, or if revisions need to be made to the application. In instances of the latter, feedback will be provided to assist with revisions and resubmissions.


Select Four Core Competencies (selected by students with PCP Campus Coordinator approval)

1. Training and experience in a specific work sector.

  • 3 courses + 50 hours of related experience

2. Foreign Language Skills

  • Requirements vary by language

3. Intercultural Competence

  • 3 approved courses

4. Professional and Leadership Development

  • Resume and interview prep + Leadership experience

All program requirements must be completed and documented before graduation.