About Us

Campus Recreation believes that physical activity and healthy life choices are vital to a person’s total well-being. Based upon this belief, a broad and diversified program of recreational activities are provided for the campus community.

Students at UNC Pembroke have the opportunity to participate in Intramurals, Club Sports, Adventureships, and can make use of the Campus Recreation Facilities.

Campus Recreation compliments the learning experience by providing our diverse campus community the opportunity to develop a healthy active lifestyle through positive social interactions, lifelong wellness education, and innovative and inclusive recreational programming

To be recognized as a premier recreational program dedicated to engaging and transforming the #BraveNation community!

          Goals for 2018 - 2019

Update technological connectivity to relevant software/hardware platforms associated with recreation.

Create accountable membership policies and programs to promote responsible access for all patrons of the campus, to our recreation facilities.

Develop intentional marketing strategies focuses on underutilized facilities and programs.

Develop programs targeting female participation with an emphasis on evening and weekend activities.


Student playing Basketball