Prospective Members

Joining a Fraternity or Sorority

The University of North Carolina at Pembroke recognizes fall and spring semester new member processes. No new member processes may occur during the summer or when the university is not in session.

Freshman students have the ability to join a Greek-lettered organization (based on the standards of the organization) starting their first semester.  Academic eligibility will be based on the student’s high school grade point average.

Academic eligibility for new member processes will be based on the current academic standard for good academic standing (see academic section) or the organization’s academic requirement, whichever is higher.  This applies to freshman and upper-class students alike. Academic eligibility must be verified before a membership invitation is extended. Organizations must have aspirants use the Aspirant Verification form (Appendix E) to verify academic eligibility with the Office of Greek Life prior to offering membership (see Forms section of website or attain from Office of Greek Life). Organizations will be notified within the 72-hour time period of the new member’s academic status.