Student Government Association

Omar Torres
SGA President, Omar Torres

A Message from the President


My fellow Braves,

I would like to welcome you to the University of North Carolina at Pembroke as we begin a successful and historic year with NC Promise! Here, you will be enriched in the historic culture of UNCP in one of the most diverse and inclusive environments in the UNC System.

During your time here, each of you will be presented with a number of opportunities that only a university that strives for a personal impact can offer. As a college student, you will be both  challenged and supported by those around you, which is all a part of developing you into the best Brave you can be, while being surrounded by a cultivating community.

The Student Government Association will represent your interests and ensure that the student voice is heard in helping develop UNCP to be the finest higher education institution we can make it for all students. We encourage you to be engaged and share a sense of community with one another, so that in your experience at UNCP, you will grow in your own understanding and create lasting memories.

The University of North Carolina at Pembroke and the Town of Pembroke will become your home and community; a community that is full of concord and great potential. You will encounter many new experiences during your time here and leave with your own personal story, but we will all share a common story of being a part of the #BraveNation!


Best wishes,

Omar Torres