Student Government Association

SGA President Cotrayia Hardison
Cotrayia Hardison
SGA President, 2020-21

A Message from the President



On behalf of the Student Government Association, it is my privilege and honor to welcome you to the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. This University was founded in 1887 to provide an opportunity for American Indians to receive an education. This University has since grown to support those from many different backgrounds and communities. With over 7,000 students enrolled here, UNCP continues to foster the environment necessary to ensure a quality education and college experience for everyone.

My role as your Student Body President and the role of the Student Government Association is to champion the concerns of the student body. SGA aims to connect with students to ensure that your voices are heard by faculty, staff, and administration. Through valuable avenues such as forums, events, surveys, and personal interactions, SGA remains committed to bridging the gap between key groups on and off campus to create positive change for the University.

With the understanding that you are here for your academics first, I encourage you to get involved outside of the classroom. Through the Office of Community and Civic Engagement, you can find various service opportunities ranging from roadside cleanup to voter engagement. In addition to service, through the Office for Campus Engagement and Leadership you can find over 100 student organizations that can help you fulfill your passion and help provide meaningful experiences that you can take with you once you leave this campus.

UNCP is very unique in that it is the most diverse campus in the UNC system and is centrally located within a predominantly American Indian town. As students, you have the opportunity to learn a lot from the American Indian culture that our University was founded upon, while also being able to educate and inspire others to learn about you and your background. I encourage you to take advantage of these rare opportunities as UNCP and the community continue to not only grow, but grow together.


In Power and Love,

Cotrayia Hardison, Student Body President