2021-22 LEAD Fellows

LEAD Fellows

LEAD Fellows are well-trained peer leadership educators who facilitate leadership based workshops for individuals, groups, and beyond.   As an extension of Campus Engagement and Leadership (CEL), LEAD Fellows provide peer-to-peer opportunities for experiential learning with a theoretical foundation based on the Social Change Model of Leadership.  In order to promote leadership as a collaborative, purposeful, values-based, relational process, LEAD Fellows focus on programs that engage students with a variety of abilities, and engagement levels, with appropriately designed opportunities to develop their leadership capacity.

Becoming a LEAD FELLOW means taking on a high-level leadership experience to engage the campus community through peer mentoring, facilitating group experiences, and sharing a common language of leadership. 

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Choose to Lead

Leadership lessons from bees workshop with Dr. Kaitlin Campbell
Workshop Series

Attend workshops designed for students to engage with leadership concepts with the help of experts from a variety of different backgrounds.  Students can find opportunities that align with their personal interests and career paths. Workshops are provided in both virtual and in-person formats and are held bi-weekly throughout the semester to meet a variety of student needs.

Students kayaking during a leadership adventure experience
Emersion Experiences

To acknowledge the diverse learning styles of students, LEAD Fellows provides a variety of off-campus emersion trips throughout the academic year that focuses on leadership concepts taught through adventure-based learning. UNCPinDC, an annual alternative break experience during Fall Break, is one leadership emersion trip that focuses on the concepts of non-positional leadership, societal inequities, and change making. The trip includes pre-trip workshops, on-site experiential learning, and service components.


LEAD Fellows at iNSPIRE Emerging Leaders Conference
Leadership Conferences

LEAD Fellows help produce a variety of peer education leadership conferences each year in response to the specific needs of the campus community. One of our hallmark conferences is the iNSPIRE Emerging Leaders Conference.  This conference is designed for student leaders hoping to grow their understanding of leadership.  Attendees will walk away with a vision for their own leadership and their group.