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Enrollment Deposit

What exactly is an enrollment deposit?

An enrollment deposit is important for a couple reasons. First, it reserves your spot in the incoming class and helps us project for the right amount of housing and classes UNCP will need for the next year. Second, your deposit covers new student charges like the cost of New Student Orientation and the remaining portion is applied directly to your housing fees, if applicable.


That is no problem! You can defer your enrollment deposit if you are unable to pay right now or if you would like to wait for your financial aid to be awarded (if applicable). You will still receive all of the benefits of paying the deposit, but it will be applied to your first semester bill instead of being required right now. You can move forward in the enrollment process regardless whether you choose to pay the enrollment deposit now or defer it to later. Go ahead and register for New Student Orientation and apply for Housing, if applicable.

When should I submit my deposit?

Students are encouraged to submit (or defer) their enrollment deposit as soon as they feel prepared to do so.

For information and updates regarding COVID-19’s impact on UNCP, please visit this link.

Is my deposit refundable?

Your enrollment deposit is non-refundable. These funds are used immediately to provide programming important to new students and cover the costs associated with your New Student Orientation and Housing, if applicable.

Instructions to pay or defer your enrollment deposit:

1. Log into your Bridge2Brave account here.

2. Click on the drop-down arrow to the right of “Enrollment Deposit” so that it gives you the option to Pay or Defer.

3. Click “Pay or Defer Enrollment Deposit”

There are multiple scenarios you can choose from on the next page….

  • FRESHMAN living on campus, you will pay $300
  • FRESHMAN living at home and commuting to campus, you will pay $150 (please note that all first-year freshmen and transfers under age 21 are required to live on campus unless they are approved for a housing waiver). That application can be found here.
  • TRANSFER living on campus, you will pay $225
  • TRANSFER commuting to campus, you will pay $75
  • TRANSFER distance and online students, you will pay $75
  • SPRING students living on campus, you will pay $225
  • SPRING students commuting to campus, you will pay $75

***** After you have registered for classes, your choice of enrollment deposit amount will be reviewed and applied to your student account. If the wrong choice was made during this step, we should catch it and make the correction before the amount is charged to your bill.

If you want to make corrections of your own (for example, if you change your mind and want to live on campus instead of commute) just send an email to admissions@uncp.edu to let us know of the changes and we will take care of the rest!

4. Once you have made your enrollment type choice, go to the bottom and choose PAY or DEFER, then SUBMIT.

If you chose to DEFER, you have successfully completed the enrollment deposit process after clicking SUBMIT. The appropriate amount will be added to your student bill after you have registered for classes.

If you chose to PAY, you will need to scroll to the bottom of the page AGAIN and choose “PAY DEPOSIT” to be directed our secure payment site where you will complete the process.