How to Apply for Grants

The Office of Sponsored Research and Program's staff is available to assist faculty and staff with every step of the proposal development process. Applicants should begin development well in advance of the deadline, in order to prepare a competitive proposal.


Institutional Approval Requirement Using RAMSes

RAMSes is a grant software management system that is designed to use in partnership with UNC General Administration to identify all funded grants in the NC university system.

Once an Investigator/Principal Investigator/Director completes a proposal, the next step is to enter the proposal information into the RAMSes grant management system and route it for UNCP inter-institutional approval before submitting to the funding agency.   RAMSes electronically routes the proposal to the investigator's chair, dean, and concludes with the Associate Vice Chancellor for Sponsored Research and Programs, Dr. Rebecca Bullard-Dillard for final approval before submission to the funding agency.

Please contact office staff, Sherry Hunt, Pre-Award Coordinator(910) 775-4249 or Jan Lowery, Post Award Coordinator,  (910) 775.4390 for assistance with using the RAMSes grant management system.



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