2015 PURC Symposium Award Winners


First Place: Chris Long, Biology (Mentor: Dr. Ben Bahr), “Enhancement of the Cannabinoid Pathway Provides Protection against Seizure-Related Brain Damage”

Second Place: Zachary Lunn, Biology (Mentor: Dr. John Roe), “Macrohabitat Selection of Eastern Box Turtles”

Third Place: Mark Anderson, Biology (Mentor: Dr. Maria Pereira), “Establishing a Sustainable Farming Model in Southeastern North Carolina”



First Place: Laura Spillman, History (Mentor: Dr. Ryan K. Anderson), “Teenaged Girl Culture of the 1950s”

Second Place: Hannah Anderson, English (Mentor: Dr. Susan Cannata), “Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s In Memorium and Victorian Norms of Grieving”     


Social Science, Education, and Business

First Place: Jeremy Deck, Business, Esther G. Maynor Honors College, (Mentor: Dr. Mohammed Ashraf) The Business of Marijuana: An Interdisciplinary Examination of the Consequences and Benefits of Legalization”

Second Place: Mary Grace Curiale, Psychology and Tyler Scoville, Biology (Mentor: Dr. Teagan Decker), “Regional Native American Theatre: Strike at the Wind!”



First Place: Sam Miles, Business, “Be Brave: Recreating the Lumbee Play “Strike at the Wind!”

Second Place: Reilly Morton, Music (Mentor: Dr. Aaron Vandemeer), “Jibber-Jabber”



First Place: Andrei Alekseev, Art (Mentor: Brandon Sanderson) “Screen Printing Original Art Onto T-Shirts”

Second Place: Courtney Hockett, Art (Mentors: Brandon Sanderson and Adam Walls), Creating North Carolinian Flora + Fauna Illustrations and Prints” and “Creating 2-D and 3-D Underwater Flora and Fauna Hybrid Species”

Third Place: Desiree Thomas, Art (Mentor: Brandon Sanderson), “Forgotten Truth”