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Undergraduate Scholar Assistantships

USA Funding is temporarily suspended until further notice. If you have a research or creative project that needs funds, please apply to our SSS grant for the short-term.

Undergraduate Scholar Assistantships (USA) are offered each semester to support students working on scholarly projects while under the supervision of a faculty member.  Requests for these assistantships may include a student stipend of up to $1,200 ($10/hour, 10 hours/week, 12 weeks/semester) for the fall or spring semester or up to $800.00 ($10/hour, 10 hours/week , 8 weeks/summer) for the summer and up to $500 for research supplies or related expenses. Awards can be granted to students for up to two terms in a year. Funds not expended during a fall/spring semester award period may, with PURC director approval, be carried over into the following spring/summer unless the student has been awarded another USA for the semester into which the funds are to be carried  (Note: all funds shall be used prior to 30 June. PURC Director will inform Summer USA recipients of the end-of-year cut-off day as soon as that information is available). USA are funded in part by a grant through the Department of Education- Native American Serving Non-Tribal Institutions (DOE-NASNTI).

Timeline for USA Proposals 
Fall Term Projects

  • Submission of Proposals: 1 May through 30 June
  • Deadline for Proposal submission: 1 July
  • Award announcements: 1 August
  • Project start date: First day of fall semester classes

Spring Term Projects

  • Submission of Proposals: 1 August through 31 October
  • Deadline for Proposal submission: 1 November
  • Award announcements: 1 December
  • Project start date: First day of spring semester classes

Summer Term Projects

  • Submission of Proposals: 1 January through 31 March
  • Deadline for Proposal submission: 1 April
  • Award announcements: 1 May
  • Project start date: First day of Maymester classes

Regulations for USA proposals: 

1.   Proposal must be prepared by the student whose project will be considered for funding.  The supervising faculty member is strongly encouraged to mentor the student in this endeavor, but should not write the proposal for the student.  Faculty mentors must sign the application coversheet which indicates their approval of the proposed work and their responsibility for supervising the student.

2. If the student’s research is part of a larger faculty project, then the applicant should demonstrate an understanding of their work as a component of the larger endeavor. 
3.  Only one (1) application per student investigator per semester is permitted.  The only exception to this stipulation is that a student may apply for and receive both a USA and a STF award in the same semester.

4.  Applications from multiple students simultaneously working on a larger project will be considered as long as the scholarly activity of each student is unique and well delineated (as decided by the PURC Council) from the goals of other students working on the same project.

Application Procedures for USA Applications

Applicants should email their completed application packet (preferably in PDF) to purc@uncp.edu by the first of each month. Hard copies will be returned without review

A complete application will consist of the following components:

1.  A completed cover page that has been signed by the faculty mentor.  Electronic signatures are acceptable if the faculty member has the capability.  The cover page is a fillable pdf form that can be saved.

2.  An abstract or summary.

3.  A proposal narrative (not to exceed 2 pages) containing a detailed description of the scholarly project.  When writing the narrative, students should keep in mind the criteria listed in the evaluation section below.  Also, the narrative should address the type of project or where in the research process the student is working.  For example:

  • Beginning research: purpose, hypothesis, significance, your role in a larger project (if applicable) and methodology;
  • Ongoing research: purpose, hypothesis, significance, your role in a larger project (if applicable) methodology, preliminary results;
  • A creative activity: purpose, significance, medium, anticipated venues for presentation/performance

For all proposals, it is important to remember that the evaluation will be conducted by faculty members from a wide range of academic disciplines. 

 4. IRB approval must be initiated by the time of application; approval must be procured before funding begins.

5.  Budget: A concise budget in the form of a table.

6.  Budget Narrative:  (Not to exceed one page) The budget table should be accompanied by a descriptive justification of those line items included in the budget table.  The budget narrative does not have to be extensive but should include any level of student contribution toward the cost of travel, as well as any other sources of funding (e.g. faculty, departmental, fundraising). 


Evaluation and Criteria 

PURC councilors evaluate every grant submission for its strengths in the following categories: clarity, significance, relevance, and learning outcomes. Please see the rubric linked below for further guidance.




By accepting a PURC USA the student and supervising faculty member obligate themselves to the following requirements.  Failure to meet any of these may prevent the student from receiving further grants from the PURC center.

  • A one-page final report summarizing the results of the project must be submitted to the PURC Center Director, due at the end of the award period.
  • All funds must be spent within the fiscal year and cannot be carried into the next fiscal year.
  • Each awardee will be expected to participate in the annual PURC Symposium.

*See the University Mission Statement (http://www.uncp.edu/about-uncp/universitys-mission
**See the PURC website front page (http://www.uncp.edu/purc/)

Incomplete applications will be returned without review.