PURC Center

Dr. Charles Humphrey Undergraduate Conference Travel Award

Charles Humphrey graduated from Pembroke State College in 1965 with a BS in Chemistry (Cum laude) before earning a PhD in Nutrition/Biochemistry from Clemson in 1972. From 1983 to 2013 he worked as a Research Biologist and Electron Microscopist at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). During his time with the CDC Dr. Humphrey took great pleasure in his role as a mentor to junior colleagues.

Because of Dr. Humphrey’s generosity and interest in encouraging both undergraduate research and faculty mentorship, PURC will award a discrete number of conference travel awards to undergraduates so that they may attend a regional professional conference with a faculty mentor. Unlike the Student Travel Fund (STF), the student does not have to present research or creative work to qualify for funding. Award guidelines and stipulations are as follows:

1. Preference will be given to full/part-time students with freshman or sophomore standing who have completed a minimum of 12 credits at UNCP by time of award and have never attended a professional conference. If no students in that category are eligible for the award, the PURC committee may open up consideration to students of junior and senior standing. Students may only receive one award during their UNCP career.  

2. All students seeking PURC Center funds must collaboratively develop their proposal with a faculty mentor. 

3. All award recipients must travel and attend a professional conference/meeting/show with a faculty mentor who will introduce them to professional activities within their discipline. Preference will be given to students travelling to state or regional events.

4. Eligible students may request up to $500 for travel. Preference will be given to economical proposals that let the PURC Council give multiple awards. Please note if other forms of funding for the trip have been awarded. All applications must feature a budget. PURC cannot guarantee funding for groups of students in this particular case.       

5. Awards will be made during rolling funding period between October 1st and March 31st, travel must be conducted during the current Academic year, and applications are due at least four weeks before the date of travel. Please email applications to purc@uncp.edu

6. Within a month of completing travel, award winners will be required to produce a short description of their trip highlighting how the experience has affected their academic goals and expectations. It should feature excellent grammar and style as it will be sent to Dr. Humphrey. Additionally, award recipients may be asked to meet with Dr. Humphrey when and if he visits campus to attend the PURC Symposium.