Medical Tourism Facilitators and Support Services

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DISCLAIMER: Neither the staff of the MTRC nor the UNCP make any claim about the quality of the firms on the following lists or that one of the firms is any better than any other firm. We simply provide the information as an aid to the consumer's own search. Nothing on these Web pages should be construed as an endorsement of any firm. We rely on information supplied by the firms. We have not verified that memberships or accreditations claimed by the firms are current.


U.S.-based MTFs

Other MTFs

Support Services


U.S.-Based Medical Tourism Facilitators


























Z -- Internet portal that centralizes information and facilitate search for MTFs and FHPs, provides cost comparisons across countries for certain treatments.


Companion Global Healthcare (Columbia, SC) – Works with JCI accredited hospitals in Asia, Latin America, and Europe. Partnered with Blue Cross/Blue Shield of South Carolina.


European Medical Tourist (Austin, TX) – Promotes Germany as the only destination country & explains why


Global MD (Beverly Hills, CA) (formerly

Global Med Network LLC (Garden City, Michigan)


Healthbase Online, Inc. (Newton, MA)


IndUSHealth (Raleigh, NC) – Specializes in India as the destination country. Has MD on staff.

International Surgeons of the Americas (Las Vegas, NV) – Specializes in surgeons in Mexico.


Med Journeys (New York, NY)

Med Retreat (Vernon Hills, IL)

Medical Tourism Corporation (Plano, TX)


One World Healthcare (San Francisco, CA) – Only deals with Samitivej Hospital Group in Thailand.


Planet Hospital (Calabasas, CA)

PlacidWay – Promotes treatment-travel packages especially to mainly Latin American countries.


Satori World Medical (San Diego, CA) – Good mix of staff with strong background from medical, healthcare, and insurance fields.

Surgical Trip, LLC (Boca Raton, FL) – Has an MD on staff. Also has a link to Medline info for procedures.


Travel Partner International (Scottsdale, AZ) – Arranges travel and provides insured, bonded professional to accompany the patient to manage details in flight and abroad.


WorldMed Assist (Concord, CA).



Other Medical Tourism Facilitators



Sphera International – Based in Sao Paulo, recommends only Brazilian healthcare provides.



Canadian Healthcare International -- Based in Canada, recommends only Canadian healthcare provides.

Debson Medical Tourism -- Based in Montreal, Canada. CEO is an MD. Deals with hospitals in Latin America and in Asia.



Wellness Visit – Based in Malaysia, recommends only Malaysian groups of hospitals.



Surgery Host Based in Guadalajara, Mexico. Recommends doctors and hospitals in Guadalajara.


New Zealand

Medtral New ZealandBased in New Zealand,recommends only Kiwi healthcare provides.


The Philippines

Philippine Medical Tourism, Inc. -- Based in Makati City. Member of the MTA.


South Africa

Surgeon and Safari Based in Johannesburg. Features plastic, dental, eye, orthopedic and other surgeries. Member of MTQuA. Operates its own guesthouse and offers safaris after recuperation.


BYZAlliance Medical Travel and Medical Consulting – Based in Istanbul, Turkey, recommends only Turkish groups of hospitals. Contains price comparison table for certain treatments.


The United Kingdom

The Medical Tourist Company



Support Services for Medical Tourism

AMF Risk Management Solutions

Clements International (Washington DC) – Provides insurance solutions to individuals and organizations operating outside their home country.

HCPro, Inc. (Marblehead, MA) – Provides expertise in long-term care, accreditation, credentialing, privileging, medical record management, regulatory compliance, nursing, quality/patient safety, and infection control.

Healthplace America – Provides surgery benefits management solutions. Finds low-cost surgery within the United States.

Homewatch International, Inc. – Specializes in after-care services.

North American Surgery, Inc. – Provides North American alternatives to medical tourism.

planetMEDIX – Internet portal that connects hospitals and companies that have interest in medical tourism.

Quality Resources International – Consults and advises healthcare providers on improving quality and safety and guides healthcare providers toward international accreditation.

Rapport Benefits Group (Tacoma, WA) – Insurance broker mainly for US employers.

SenditCertified (Charlotte, NC) – Provides secure e-solutions for exchanging protected health information among patients, foreign healthcare providers, and pharmacies.

US Air Ambulance (Sarasota, FL) – Provides international air transport services.

US Risk (Dallas, TX) – Provides brokerage, underwriting, and risk management services.