Healthy Start CORPS
Healthy Start CORPS
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Healthy Start Goals

In order to lower the incidence of infant mortality in Robeson County in Southeastern North Carolina, Healthy Start CORPS strives to achieve the following goals:

  1. Decrease the infant mortality rate to 8.4% or below
  2. Decrease the rate of low birth weight babies to 8.75%
  3. Increase the first trimester care rate to at least 75%
  4. Increase the rate of prenatal care to 99.5%
  5. Decrease the rate of teen births to at least 15.9%
  6. Increase the immunization rate for children 0-2 years to 85%
  7. Decrease the number of premature births to 13.5%
  8. Improve outreach and new client recruitment by
    reaching 4000 people through outreach training classes on
    smoking, STD/HIV/AIDS, drugs and alcohol, and other risk factor eductation classes
  9. Achieve 200 prenatal case findings via outreach classes and efforts
  10. Increase consumer representation in consortium meetings to at least 50 consumers
  11. Provide breastfeeding awareness to at least 75% of prenatal clients of Robeson County Health Department
  12. Ensure 99% complete services for RCHD clients recruited by Healthy Start CORPS

Thus far the program efforts have been successful. Healthy Start CORPS program participants have experienced no infant deaths compared to the county rate of 16.2 per 1000 live births and achieved a 6.3% low birthweight rate compared to the county rate of 11.0%.