Broadcasting Curriculum


The Department of Mass Communication combines into a single liberal arts program tracks in Broadcasting, Print Journalism, and Public Relations.

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BRD 1600. Television Production
Basic theory and practice of studio operations in television, with a laboratory experience in the use of microphones, cameras, switchers, and related equipment. Credit, 3 semester hours.

BRD 1610, 1620, 2610, 2620, 3610, 3620, 4610, 4620. Broadcast Practicum
A vehicle for students to learn broadcasting or webcasting operations while participating in the department's campus/community productions and earning progressively responsible positions in videography, reporting, directing, producing, audio, on-air presentation, etc.Pass/Fail grading. Credit, 1 semester hour each.

BRD 2600. Basic Videography and Editing
This course provides a foundation in single-camera field production and editing in traditional or new media formats. Fundamental aesthetics, technology, and techniques for camera, lighting, sound, and editing will be emphasized, and students will be introduced to preproduction planning, including storyboards and scripts. Credit, 3 semester hours. PREREQ: BRD 1600.

BRD 3130. Broadcast Copywriting
Theory and technique of writing broadcast scripts, to include scripts of dramas, interviews, documentaries, and advertisements or promotions. Will include both study and practical application of techniques discussed. Script formats for radio and television included. Credit, 3 semester hours. PREREQ: MCM 2400.

BRD 3140. Broadcast Journalism
The theory and practice of broadcast news, to include covering local and national news and public affairs for radio and television. Emphasis will be on gathering and production for broadcast news. Writing for broadcast sports and weather will also be covered. Credit, 3 semester hours. PREREQ: MCM 2400, BRD 2600.

BRD 3150. Broadcast Programming and Management
Fiscal and administrative responsibilities in broadcast operations, including contemporary strategies in TV and radio programming, audience measurement, sales, labor, and promotions. Credit, 3 semester hours. PREREQ: BRD 1600 and MCM 2100.

BRD 3600. Advanced Videography and Editing
Advanced instruction in the art and science of digital videography and postproduction, using professional-grade video cameras and nonlinear editing systems. Students will produce video projects and may participate in WNCP broadcast or webcast activities. Credit, 3 semester hrs. PREREQ: BRD 2600.

BRD 4160. Broadcast Advertising and Sales

Production of successful broadcast advertising campaigns. Emphasis on creative, practical solutions to problems in broadcast advertising. Credit, 3 semester hours. PREREQ: PRE 2700 or BRD 3130.

BRD 4200. Advanced Broadcast Journalism
Emphasizes integration of television news and television studio production, plus localizing national and international news and reworking public relations material for TV newscasts. Credit, 3 semester hours. PREREQ: BRD 3140.

BRD 4600. Advanced Television Production
An advanced study and practice of television with studio experience in solving the problems of production, design, direction, and performance. 3 hours lecture, 3 hours lab. Credit, 3 semester hours, PREREQ: BRD 3600.