About Us

What is PRSSA?

The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) founded the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) in 1968 to cultivate a favorable and mutually advantageous relationship between students and public relations professionals. UNCP's chapter is one of ten chapters on North Carolina university campuses and one of more than 270 chapters on college campuses across the country.

PRSSA aims to foster the following:

  • Understanding of current theories and procedures of the profession
  • Appreciation of the highest ethical ideals and principles
  • Awareness of an appropriate professional attitude
  • Appreciation of Associate Membership in PRSA and eventually accredited membership

PRSSA's Mission:

  • To serve its members by enhancing their knowledge of public relations and providing access to professional development opportunities;
  • To serve the public relations profession by helping to develop highly qualified, well-prepared professionals.

PRSSA Code of Ethics/Conduct

I pledge to the Society:

To conduct myself professionally, with truth, accuracy, fairness and responsibility to the public, fellow members and to the Society; to improve my individual competence and advance the knowledge and proficiency of the field of public relations; and to adhere to the articles of the Member Code of Ethics/Conduct by the PRSSA National Committee.

I understand and accept that there are consequences for member misconduct, up to and including membership revocation.

I understand that members in violation of the PRSSA Code of Ethics/Conduct may be further barred from PRSA Membership.

Contact Us:

For more information please contact the president or the faculty advisor.  Their names and email addresses are on the site's cover page.