Requirements and Courses

What are the requirements for a Gender Studies Minor? 

Students must take 18 hours from the courses listed below, selecting courses from at least two different disciplines (AIS, ENG, HST, NUR, SOC, or SWK)*

  • Indigenous Women (AIS/HST4250)
  • Women’s Literature (ENG2080)
  • Women and the Development of U.S. Society (HST3800)
  • Women in U.S. History (HST4070)
  • The History of Sexuality (HST4120)
  • Nursing and Women’s Health (HLT4210)
  • Gender and Society (SOC3540)
  • Exploring Masculinities (SOC3890)
  • Family (SOC303)
  • Social Aspects of Human Sexuality (SOC/SWK3040)
  • Women in Society (SOC/SWK3870)
  • Addiction and Women (SOC/SAB4610)
  • Women and Crime (CRJ/SOC4520)

*Permission of the Gender Studies Coordinator is required before any special topics course may be used to meet the requirements for the minor in Gender Studies.