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Program Curriculum

An MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree can usually be obtained in less than two years and is open to all majors. At UNCP, non-business majors will take six graduate foundation courses and all students will take a 36 hour MBA program consisting of courses representing those business skills valued in corporations, small businesses, and non-profit and governmental agencies. An MBA basically tells current and future employers that you have a general competency in the major management roles and can help them achieve their goals.

An MBA translates into increased opportunities, increased responsibilities, and increased salaries. Many graduates work for corporations, where an MBA degree is still considered a necessity for executives seeking to reach senior management ranks; MBAs are considered an important add-on for employees working in education, healthcare, government and social services, as well as many other careers.

The MBA program at UNCP features small classes taught by highly qualified faculty who are either actively involved in creating managerial knowledge in their field of teaching or are distinguished leaders in organizations. Small classes allow individualized attention and increasing use of technology in content delivery gives students more flexibility in class scheduling. All MBA classes are currently offered at the main campus or one of two satellite campuses – one at Sandhills Community College and one at Ft. Bragg. All classes are taught in the evening or online to fit into your busy schedule.  You also have the option of taking classes full-time or on a part-time basis.  Further, all classes are fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, making them eligible for all governmental and institutional funding opportunities.

Foundation Courses (See also Admission Requirements)

Will be waived for students having undergraduate equivalents.
(SCH equals the semester credit hours for the course)

Undergraduate Equivalents SCH   Graduate Courses SCH
Principles of Accounting
ACC 5010 Foundations of Accounting
Principles of Finance
FIN 5010 Foundations of Finance
Principles of Marketing
Principles of Mgmt.


MGT 5010 Foundations of Marketing and Management
Principles of Economics
ECN 5030 Foundations of Economics
Calculus, at least 3 hours
  DSC 5010 Foundations of Analytical Methods

Quantitative Methods

DSC 5050 Foundations of Business Statistics



MBA Core
(All required): 24 semester credit hours

ACC 5500 Managerial Accounting
DSC 5100 Quantitative Methods
ECN 5150 Managerial Economics
FIN  5200 Managerial Finance
MKT 5400 Marketing Planning & Strategy
MGT 5250 Organizational Theory & Behavior
MGT 5300 Human Resources Management
MGT 5750 Strategic Planning

Professional Enhancement Courses
(Choose four) 12 semester credit hours

DSC 5120 Research Methods
FIN  5210 Investment Analyses
MGT 5290 Entrepreneurship
MGT 5270 Leadership & Change
BLAW 5280 Legal Issues for Managers
MGT 5350 Operations Management
MGT 5370 Management Information Systems
MKT 5450 Services Marketing
ACC 5520 Tax Implications of Business Decisions
FIN 5250 Entrepreneurial Finance
BLAW 5320 Law for Entrepreneurs
MGT 5700 Entrepreneurial Strategy
MGT 5210 Supply Chain Management
FIN 5020 Personal Financial Planning
FIN 5050 Behavioral Finance
MGTS 5362 International Business
Special Topics

Total MBA semester credit hours 36

Course Descriptions