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Applied Gerontology Minor

The Program


Coordinator: J. Porter Lillis

 The Programs in Biology, Nursing, Recreation, Sociology, Criminal Justice, and Social Work offer an interdisciplinary Minor in Applied Gerontology. In addition, the Southeastern Gerontology Consortium (SGC) participates in offering courses for this minor.   SGC includes UNC-Wilmington, Fayetteville State University and UNC-Pembroke.   Courses offered by UNCW and FSU on our campus will have the designation of GERS and will count as credit toward the minor.

The Minor is designed to enhance the student’s knowledge base in gerontology for both personal growth and professional advancement. The Minor offers the student understanding of causal linkages between the changes in biological functioning and their psychosocial adaptations. The minor also addresses the manner in which one can effectively deal with the changes of aging while still maintaining a productive life. 

In order to successfully complete the Minor in Applied Gerontology, the student is required to enroll in a field practicum within his/her major. The internship must be completed under the auspices of an institution or agency whose primary function is related to the elderly population.

Requirements for an Applied Gerontology Minor

Sem. Hrs.

Select 17 hours from the following:  BIO 1030 or PED 3490 (3), SWK 2700 (2), NUR 3300 (3), PSY 3050 (3), REC 4250 (3), SOC 3750 (3),  SWK 3700, 3840, and any course sponsored by the Southeastern Gerontology Consortium with the GERS designation.  See Interdisciplinary Studies.


Complete a field practicum in an agency that serves the elderly population