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Below are a number of articles related to the topic of copyright. Many more may be found in the Library's research databases, as well as other sources. Please contact the Reference Desk at 910.521.6656 or for assistance in locating additional articles. Reference Assistance may also be obtained through instant messaging uncpref.

Big Myths about copyright explained – Brad Templeton

Copyright Law for the Digital Library Framework of Rights and Exceptions –Kenneth D. Crews, Indiana School of Law

How Much of Someone Else's Work May I Use Without Asking Permission? The Fair Use Doctrine - Part II – Lloyd L. Rich

The Law of Fair Use and the Illusion of Fair Use Guidelines – Kenneth Crews

Balancing Copyright Concerns: The TEACH Act 2001 – Laura Gassaway

Laura Gasaway's TEACH Act Comparison Chart

Comparative analysis of issues between the previous law and the new TEACH Act; also contrasts new and old Sections 110(2) with “classroom exemption” for face-to-face instruction.

Trademark and Other Intellectual Property Resource Guide

Patients, Trademarks, & Copyrights - National Paralegal College